More Good Deeds

We believe the world should be a bit better every day. We believe technologies can help people to achieve this goal. Our Kindness Platform helps our users to make our world better with each of their actions. Try it out yourself. Go, do, experience!


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How does it works?


STEP 1 - Clients, employees AND students [the goodeers] select ONE cause THEY WANT to support.


STEP 2 - Goodeers share good deeds in our PLATFORM to support their cause [the non-profit or social venture] with their actions.


STEP 3 - Businesses, universities, schools and sponsors [the organisations] match each good deed with $1 donation.






Every time a goodeer shares a good deed in our social network, an organisation donates $1 to the cause selected by the goodeer. We call this the double impact of good.



Our platform supports tens of causes each day. Every month we audit all the good deeds shared in our social network and share them with the organisation which sends donations to the causes accordingly.


DONORS sponsor OUR godeers AND CAUSES

Most of our causes are sponsored by us at the moment. Seriously, our team donates $1 for each good deed shared in our social network. We are looking for individuals and/or organisations to help us with funding via our Kindness Fund.





Our Kindness Platform brings causes, individuals and organisations together under a common goal: a desire to do good. The team at more good deeds assures that 100% of all donations received support our causes. All of the donations go directly from the organisation to the cause; no middle men are involved. Donations are publicly available in our Transparency Document so everyone can see exactly where the support goes.