Learn The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the thing which not only helps the person who is guilty but helps the most who forgives. It is truly an amazing feeling when one releases that burden from his/her mind. Forgiveness is all about self-development and moving on. This is because you release all those feelings and memories attached to that person or incident. But not everyone is forgiving.


What It Takes To Be Forgiving

People nowadays are not that forgiving. They tend to hold grudges and hence making their lives miserable. It's not easy to achieve this task and many just say that without even knowing the true meaning of it. The truth comes when we get to come face to face with the situation or the person. It’s in our daily habit to react or respond to things which are not done according to us. This is the basic step of it all. You can’t be forgiving if you are not peaceful or relaxed. Forgiveness is not just equalling what was done wrongly. It is more about grace and mercy than about justice. But people tend to not forget those who hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. It’s very important to clear out all the resentment that is there in your heart. Only then one can attain inner peace. So, whenever things are not going according to you next time before reacting think upon this and ask yourself “Have you learnt the Art of Forgiving?”


How to be Forgiving?

The question that holds most importance because it’s not easy for someone to forget about all those things that hurt us. It’s very painful to behave normally with someone who has caused you a lot of pain. Therefore for that person to forgive someone takes a lot of gut. So, why should one actually forgive someone after the other person has made them suffer? The main reason is you’ll be doing this for your benefit and not for that person’s. The anger that you would be carrying with you would cause hurt to you more than it will to the other person. This will do no good to you. So, for your own sake and your inner peace you need to let go of everything that’s hurting you from inside. You need to make sure you have no regrets, anger and everything negative in your mind regarding a person is cleared. By doing this only you’ll achieve inner peace and will be able to live your life happily. It takes a lot of courage to forgive someone for their doings. So, go slow and be good to you if not others by learning the art of forgiving.

Shokhi Agarwal