Grant Someone’s Wish Today

Ever thought of the similarity among the shooting stars, birthday candles, and eyelashes? Yes, I ain’t joking! All of them have one thing in common. Ok, let me give you a hint – What is the first think you do before blowing the birthday candles or while you see a shooting star or find a stray eyelash? Yes, you got that right! You MAKE A WISH…

Wishes are something that we all have and we all make. They might be big or small, hypothetical or practical, common or fantastic, but every wish is special. It is a desire of the heart, whose fulfilment surely brings happiness. Wishes are just the beginning of searching happiness. Wishes can be in any form … one can wish for true love, for good health, for good results, etc. Every wish is special but unfortunately, not every wish is granted.

What if you can make a wish come true? It will give you a feeling beyond measure. Grant someone a wish today and see yourself transforming into a better version of yourself. You never know how much pleasure your smallest acts can give to someone when you fill his wish. Whether it brightens his world or brings a smile on his face, it’s worth doing. The supreme power above has giving you a bit of his super power to become a hero for someone, a real hero. Don’t miss this chance, and thank God for keeping you in a situation that you can grant someone his wish. If you get to know of someone's wish and realize that it is in your capacity to fulfil it, go for it!

Make someone happy right now by as simple as giving a compliment, helping him cross the road, offer a free meal and things like that. Do what you can to make someone else's wish come true today!

Shokhi Agarwal