How to Stop Overthinking Everything

It is said, “Think before you act” but have you able to accomplish anything just by thinking? No, you would need to act to do it. Thinking before acting is good, but overthinking? Well, overthinking can be disastrous. It is the biggest cause of unhappiness. It only creates problems that were never there. Do you really want to stop overthinking?


Here are the top 5 tips that can help you stop overthink everything:

Think on a Macro level

Yes, thinking about minor things and their consequences can lead to overthinking. Whenever you are thinking deeply about anything, ask yourself whether this would matter to you 5 years down the line? If it’s not going to be worth lasting, what’s the need to overthink? Analyze this very fact. You will get the answer yourself.

Set time-limits for decision making

Some people take ages to come with a decision.  Set a time-limit for yourself within which you will make the decision because until you make the decision, your thoughts will keep bothering you every now or then. Whether it is a big or a small decision, this trick surely helps.

Start your day on a Positive note

Start your day positively because how you start your day often sets the base for the entire day. Patterns show that a stressed morning leads to a more stressed day!

Be a person of action

Come out of your procrastination zone and be a person of action. Set deadlines for yourself and take steps. However small the steps may be, make sure you consistently move forward.

Accept you can’t control everything

You can’t control everything every time. It’s ok to fail at times, it's ok to make mistakes. These are the part of your life. Take lessons from them to grow.  Don’t let negativity hold you for long, thinking you couldn’t control it. Just focus on positive and constructive things in your life and the rest will follow!