Money Talks

Many of the blogs we share on More Good Deeds emphasise the fact that you don’t need to have lots of money to do good in the world. While this is an idea we strongly believe, it is undeniable that you can do a great deal of good with money. It may be free to show kindness to those around you but when it comes to making a difference in a capitalist world, money talks.


For those readers who have a disposable income, there are many ways to spend your money for good. This blog takes a look at how you could share your wealth in a way that makes the world a better place:


Charitable Donations

While it’s fine to put a few pennies or even a $50 bill into a charity bucket every now and then, these organisations require a constant flow of funds in order to function on a day to day basis. Rather than donating on a whim, if your bank bank balance allows, why not subscribe to donate monthly. Not only does this make it far easier to donate to charities you support but a direct debit means you’ll never forget. Your favourite charities will be grateful for the ongoing display of support and their increasingly stable funding base.


Invest In Something You Believe In

This section could be included under charitable donations but I think it deserves a category of its own. Investing in the future and scientific research which will make the better place requires money but will benefit everyone in the long run. From investing in sustainable energy sources to cutting edge medical treatments, these developments are only possible with significant funding behind them. Sadly, even when this research is the ‘right’ thing for the world, money still talks. So we need people who have the financial capacity to help everyone to invest their wealth in future technologies, sciences and concepts which will help us develop a better world.


Good Deeds


It wouldn’t be More Good Deeds without a mention of what we’re all about. Random acts of kindness can happen anywhere and many of them can be performed for free. It costs nothing to help someone cross the road with their shopping, for example. But then there are other times when a good deed does require cold hard cash. The case of the diner who tipped his waitress $1,000 hit the headlines a few years ago and is a perfect example. This man was clearly in a place to help a woman whom he sympathised with and wanted to help achieve her dream: traveling to her native Italy. And he’s not alone. There are many stories of people tipping servers staggering amounts … just because:


·             A waitress in Colorado received $1,000

·             Tipper tells staff to ‘Pay It Forward’

·             Some celebrities like to share their wealth too


Of course, tipping servers is not the only way to show kindness with money. The idea of buying coffee for the person behind you in the line is a rather popular one and often starts a ripple effect of generosity down the line. This is also something that doesn’t break the bank.


Blogging doesn’t pay well so I’m personally not in a position to perform and of these more generous acts. But I wish I could. It would be wonderful to be in a position to help so many people with the money I earn. And that is indeed my future goal. For now, however, I have to make do with free good deeds. That’s ok – that’s all most of the world can afford to do. Smiling at someone can have just as positive impact on their day as handing them a generous tip. It’s the thought that counts. But at the same time it is undeniable that our world and culture is now so thoroughly intertwined in capitalism and profit. In that way, money talks.


If you do have money, it’s your responsibility to make that money speak for good. People who are wealthy can spend their cash myriad ways. How they choose to spend it; on themselves, on others or for the benefit of everyone is a character-telling test.


Do you have a disposable income? If so, what do you spend your money on? Comment on this blog and inspire others to spend their money in ‘good’ ways.


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