Scheduling Your Good Deeds

There are many examples of good deeds which are spontaneous. Offering someone a seat on the bus, helping a neighbour with their shopping, returning a forgotten hat or scarf. But there are also good deeds which we can commit to on a long term basis. These deeds should become part of our daily, weekly, monthly or ever annual routines. Once something is scheduled and part of your life, it is often much easier to commit. Schedule your good deeds to encourage positive interactions with your community.

Schedule Good Deeds


Daily Good Deed Tasks

Say good morning

o   How often do you leave your house or apartment at the same time as your neighbour but offer no more than a grunt of acknowledgement? How nice would it be for both of you to start your days on a more positive, meaningful interaction?

Ask your friends and colleagues how they are doing … and mean it!

o   Few people actually want an honest answer to the question ‘how are you?’ Make yourself one of those few who truly care.

Text a friend

o   Everyone has people we want to stay in better contact with. As well as replying to your daily messages, why not text someone you haven’t heard from in a while? Let them know you’re thinking of them and reconnect in an easy, thoughtful and free way.


Weekly Good Deed Tasks

Help out at a local club

o   Does your child go to an after-school club or a sports practice each week? Why not offer to help? You’ll get to spend more time with your child and you’ll also be doing a good thing for all the other children.

Invite a friend or neighbour over for dinner

o   People love to be cooked for and this good deed not only makes others in your life feel valued but you also get to enjoy a pleasant social evening.

Pay for the order of the person behind you in the queue in the coffee shop

o   This is a really sweet gesture which doesn’t cost the world. It will make the person’s day and they may well pass this act of kindness onto the person behind them as well.


Monthly Good Deed Tasks

Sign up to donate money to charity

o   This is one of the easiest ways you can schedule your good deeds because these monthly donations are scheduled by your bank.

Reserve one Saturday or even a whole weekend to volunteer somewhere

o   This could be at a children’s club, an old people’s home or an animal shelter. Go somewhere that you connect to in some way and discover the difference you could make.

Visit a friend who doesn’t live close by

o   While you may see local friends and colleagues often, what about those who live far from us? Within reason, consider making the trip to see someone who isn’t a short drive away. They’ll probably return the favour next time and this will allow you to spend more time together.


Annual Good Deeds

Have a proper clear out and donate unwanted clothes, books and other items to charity

o    You get to make more space in your house and charities benefit too

Make a large donation

o   Monthly charity donations are great but how about making something a little bigger every now and then. Whether you decide to use part of your Christmas bonus, birthday money or just some savings, donate a more sizeable sum once a year to a charity you believe will do the most good with your money.


Whatever you choose to do, however you are able to fit the acts of good deeds into your life, make it work for you. Scheduling your kindness may sound strange but in fact it is just the best way to ensure you really do commit to this new lifestyle. Humans like structure and that goes for our so called random acts of kindness. Consider them targets or aims and challenge yourself to meet them. You will soon find that these good deeds, whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or annually, will become second nature to you and don’t require much conscious thought. On top of the acts themselves, don’t forget to publish your good deeds in our More Good Deed app and our corporate supporters will donate $1 to your chosen cause.


Go. Do. Experience. More Good Deeds.