How to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You

At times, what others think of us become more important than what we feel about ourselves. But is giving anyone’s view so much importance that the fear of it can rob all your desires correct? The fear of what others think may paralyze us. Stop living up to the benchmark of others. Live as you truly are. Believe me, nothing can make you more happy than living and doing what you actually want to do.

Here are some tried and tested ways that can help you stop caring what others think of you:

1.   Nobody cares

Yes, actually nobody cares! People are so busy thinking about what others think of them, that they aren’t able to think about others. Sounds funny? Yes, but the truth is no different! Everyone is too self-obsessed that a random person barely has to make eye contact with you and here you are haunted by the thought of what they will think about you – forget that!

2.      Uncover your inner conscience

Listening to your inner self can help you go to the bottom most of the issue. Forget about your assumptions of what others will think of you. This negative self-talk is what leads you to make assumptions about yourself. What others will think is all in our head and nothing more than that. When you make it a practice to talk to your inner conscience, you will start doing what you really want to do, not what you think you should do. 

3.     Transform your Thinking:

Try to transform your thinking by being with positive people who are not judgemental. Go through the success stories of successful people, get motivated and work in the direction of your true calling. Identify your purpose in life and work towards it. I personally believe in failing while living a real life than in succeeding while living a fake one!

4.     YOLO - You Only Live Once

Keep remembering yourself that there is only one life. The more you realise this fact, the more you will not focus on what others think of you. Rather, you would be focused on what all you need to do in this small life. For things would be many and life is too short! Life is precious.

Be true to yourself and live the way you born to, you want to and you should be actually!