Why Visit A Comedy Club?

Stand Up Comedy

When was the last time you saw live comedy? Have you ever been to see live comedy, in fact? If you haven’t, or if you’re struggling to remember when you did last see a comedian on stage, get out there and book some tickets. While comedy shows are regularly broadcast on our televisions, there is something uniquely enjoyable about the raw experience of being in a room where live comedy is being performed. It’s an atmosphere which cannot be recreated on a screen.


Comedy and humour is incredibly subjective. It is also localised. Comedians often add in ‘local’ jokes for their touring shows to build a rapport with their audience. And it works. Knowing that this comic understands something about the local area immediately draws you in. This is something which is often missing from stand-up gigs which are designed to appeal to the mass markets.


Comedy clubs have a never ending string of comics travelling through so there is always something which will appeal to you. You’re not expected to like every type of comedic style, just like you’re not expected to enjoy every ice cream flavour. It may take time to find someone or a style that you like. Remember, most of the comics who make it big are rather mainstream. While these guys are funny, they are playing to a wide audience. Niche comics may not make millions but they sure can make you belly laugh if they’re on the same wavelength as you!


The subject of comedy may be an obvious one for this blog. After all, happiness and laughing go hand in hand, right? While this is true, a comedy club is about more than just someone telling jokes and getting laughs. As with any live event, it’s also about the experience. It’s about being there, in the room. Being a comic is hard and many people don’t appreciate the skill level needed to go up on stage, read a room and deliver a dynamic, engaged, energetic routine. They’re never the same either, with hecklers and audience participation changing the content every night. Being a comedian is an art form and, as with any art, it is a joy to watch it being created live before your eyes.


This blog was inspired after I went to a comedy night in Cambodia. Where I live, in a rural town, this is a rare visit by a touring comedy club. It not only inspired me to write this blog but also reminded me how much I love live comedy. While you can find any comic you desire on YouTube, nothing compares to the experience of being there. The comedy club was held in a small ‘cinema’, crammed with 60+ expats, most of whom had probably consumed more than enough beer to the point where they would find anything funny. And yet the whole night was great.


You may not think Cambodia was a hot ticket on the international circuit for comedians but I was certainly entertained by some class acts. It felt great to be part of something, to share those jokes with other people, most of whom I didn’t even know. You become a group, a secret society, when you’re in an intimate venue with a comic. While large comedy clubs offer a different experience, I would urge you to go to one of the smaller ones in your area at least once, just to check it out.


I used this experience as a chance to give thanks in the More Good Deeds app. I gave thanks to the comics who made me laugh, who travelled from London and New York to a tiny town in Cambodia to entertain a group of inebriated expats. It was a great night, a great mid-week break and, sadly, the last one of its kind. The comedy club is ending in Cambodia, and the tours will no longer stop in this unassuming country. While I don’t know the reason for this, I fear it may no longer be economically viable. So why not go out and support a local comic in your area? Help to keep this competitive, challenge but oh so wonderful industry thriving.


Go. Do. Experience. More Good Deeds.