Apps To Help You Change The World

Good Deeds Apps

How many of us are sat within arms reach of our mobile phone? In fact, many of you are probably reading this article on your phone. Our increasing dependence on technology is a fascinating development in society. While there are many negative side effects of the technological revolution (think depleting social skills, trolling on social media etc), our mobiles can be a tool for good. We’ve put together a list of amazing apps which can transform your phones from simply a place to access Facebook to a device which can help you change the world.


1.         Budge

Do you and your friends like to challenge one another to do crazy or extreme things? Or just regular activities you wouldn’t normally do? Budge is an awesome app where you can ‘budge’ your friend to do something (quit smoking, run a marathon, cliff dive, eat a pack of cookies in 5 minutes, and anything else). The winner gets to gloat while the loser must donate a predetermined amount of money to a charity. Fun and fundraising all rolled into one!


2.         Donate A Photo

Smart phone cameras have advanced so much that many people don’t even own a regular camera any more. And those pictures you endlessly snap could generate money for a charity too. Johnson & Johnson launched Donate a Photo in 2013 and for every image sent in, they donate $1 to your chosen cause! What could be simpler?


3.         Charity Miles

Many people get sponsored to run marathons but what if you could earn money while you’re training as well? Charity Miles is funded by a collection of philanthropically minded businesses and donates money to a charity of your choice for every mile your walk, run or bike. From 25¢ per mile as a runner to 10¢ per mile for cyclists (or roller skaters), you can raise a lot of money and get fit at the same time!


4.         GoodGuide

Trying to be a conscious, responsible consumer can be hard. But it just got easier with GoodGuide. Download the app and then easily find out about the ethics, ingredients and other moral aspects of over 75,000 products right there and then in the middle of the store. If everyone began to think more carefully about this aspect of our lives, companies would soon be forced to change their ways to be more ethical and sustainable …


5.         More Good Deeds

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about ourselves, do you? More Good Deeds has an app as well! We promote acts of kindness around the world and link fellow do-gooders together and we also support charities. We have the backing of a number of businesses in Melbourne so every time you do something ‘good’, they’ll donate $1 to a charity of your choice. Double whammy of goodness right there as your act helps to brighten your little corner of the globe and a charity benefits too.


Phones are amazing inventions and I for one would be lost without mine. But perhaps it is time I start to use it for more than just sending photos of my cat to friends, scrolling through my Facebook timeline and catching up on the mundane lives of people I haven’t seen since high school and being unhealthily connected to my work emails. I’m going to take my own advice right now and download a couple of these apps and begin to use my phone as a tool for good. After all, it’s permanently attached to my hand so good causes may as well benefit from my unhealthy dependency, right?


You don’t have to download all of the suggested apps. Consider which of them would allow you to make the biggest difference. If you’re a keen runner, Charity Miles makes sense. If you buy most of your product from local, organic stores, GoodGuide isn’t going to help you much. If you’re a photographer (or just snap happy), Donate A Photo is for you. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your interests, why not transform your phone into a device for good by downloading apps which help you to change the world? And, of course, everyone should download More Good Deeds …


Go. Do. Experience. More Good Deeds.