5 Technological Inventions Which Make The World A Better Place

Matternet One Drone

While our personal and work lives may have been transformed by the introduction of smart phones, there are many technological developments which have had far more profound impacts on the world. Our easy access to our Facebook and email accounts is fantastic but it isn’t truly life changing (or life saving). Over the past few decades however, there have been a number of technological developments which are working to change our world for the better. Take a look at some of these amazing inventions.


1.         Matternet

Drones get a bad name when these unmanned flying machines are used to bomb innocent civilians but in the right hands and with the right cargo, they can be life saving. The Matternet ONE has been around for a few years and comes from a Silicon Valley start-up, Matternet. They have been using their drone technology to deliver emergency supplies including medicine and food to some of the remotest areas on the planet such as the Himalayas, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. Matternet are currently launching a customer network service using their drones in Switzerland, focusing on hospitals and health care facilities. The fast transport of emergency medical supplies may just have been solved; how many lives will this save?


2.         Renewable Energy

Not only is this a necessary technological advancement as society steadily eats its way through the limited resources we have access to but it is transforming the developing world who never even got the chance to destroy fossil fuels. Remote communities which don’t have access to traditional power sources (such as electricity) are gaining access through solar, wind and water power. As technology develops, it becomes cheaper, quicker and easier to install these power sources. They are also becoming more efficient; able to provide energy for a larger number of people for less money and from smaller structures. Saving the planet and providing energy for remote communities all rolled into one.


3.         Water Canary

Clean water is a basic necessity which is still not a daily reality for millions of people. Whether families must walk hours to get to a well or are forced to drink unclean water, charities such as Water Aid are doing what they can to combat this problem. Water Canary is a device for testing water so communities are not consuming contaminated sources. While there are some fresh water springs which are fit for human consumption, many more communities are forced to drink water containing pathogens. Water Canary provides real-time results and is also connected to Water Canary’s servers which collects the data and then takes action quickly when a contaminated water supply is discovered.


4.         Endless

For many communities in the developing world, access to clean water and nutritious food is still a daily issue. But larger urban centres are moving beyond this fundamental development problem and facing another. Education. While foreign aid may be pouring into a country and steadily building the infrastructure, the citizens of these countries needs to be gaining a quality education which allows them to help their country move forward independently. Endless computers are specifically designed for developing countries and come loaded with a vast amount of information, including 50,000 Wikipedia articles, so you don’t need the Internet. They are a great learning tool for children and adults alike and the system is reliable and relatively cheap.


5.         Smart Phones

Used the way the majority of us use our phones, these gadgets are great but incredibly self-serving. But doesn’t that depend on which apps you’re using? Apple and Android users can transform their phones into tools for good by downloading apps which enable them to support charities, fundraise and show their kindness. An example? More Good Deeds’ very own app allows you to share your acts of kindness (spreading the love), follow other do-gooders around the world and be inspired by one another’s acts to create chains of happiness which link their way across continents. Did we mention that every time you perform one of your acts of kindness one of our business supporters will donate $1 to a charity of your choice? Now that’s a truly good use for a smartphone. Download our app here and start spreading the love.


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