Why Little Things Make a Relationship Safe Haven

Great relationships

When a person is with his family, friends, spouse, love interest, etc. he should feel completely safe. The world is no less than thorny forest, thus a person staying out must feel protected and at peace when he is with his loved ones.

Nothing big has to be done in order to make your relationship safe haven. Here are some things you can do to make your special ones feel protected and calm when they are with you.

The Real You:

The most important thing in a relationship is that both individuals involved must know who their partner really is. Your partner will feel safe around you only when he/she is sure about what kind of a person you are. It is the foundation on which they can trust you so make sure to be yourself when you’re with them so that it makes you and your partner both comfortable.

Talk About Your Life:

Being in a relationship means the two individuals involved have put their trust into each other. To develop this trust, both of them must be truthful about their past life. Both of you must know about each other’s families, friends, past events because trust is the basic foundation of making a relationship safe haven.

Resolve Fights by Communicating:

Communication is important in a relationship. It is the only way to solve any issues and resolve fights. Most of the fights that take place between partners are due to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can only be cleared by communicating. Act like a mature couple, whenever you hear something about your partner that is undesirable do not barge up on him/her just sit and talk about what you heard and hear their story first.

Cook for Each Other:

We’ve heard trillion times that the route to a person’s heart is through food. You could cook food for your partners and make them feel special. You can cook comfort food or set a healthy diet chart for your partner’s health and make them feel that you care about him/her.

Brush Away the Insecurities:

Never let your partner feel insecure. These insecurities become major causes of breakups and heartbreaks. If you sense that your partner is insecure about something or someone, make those insecurities go away as soon as you can. Let your partner know how special they are to you. Tell them that they are the only ones you care about, make them feel loved and special so that all their insecurities fade away.

Giving Space:

Try to avoid being too over protective. Everybody loves to have partners who are protective of them but when protectiveness changes to over-protectiveness, it starts to suffocate the other person. Every person in this world has a right to have their own space. Do not become completely uninterested in their lives but do keep asking about what’s going on in their lives. Whatever you do, don’t make your partner feel suffocated.