Five Ways to Console Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

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Every single being on this earth has someone he/she looks upon and adores. They can be their family members or even their friends. We spent time with them and make the best memories but life is unpredictable. The worst thing that can happen to a person is losing someone he/she loves and considers family. There are no words that can help that the grieving soul but at least we can try to console someone who is going through such trauma.

Here are five ways you can be a support for someone who has lost someone really dear to them:

Inform the Extended Family About the Tragic Death:

A very tough phase of this moment is calling the extended family or friends of the deceased to notify them of the death of their loved one. Someone who is already going through trauma must never be forced to call others to inform about it. You must offer your help and take the responsibility upon yourself.


The best thing you can do to console someone is helping them express their grief. Sit beside them, hold their hand and just listen. Sometimes letting it all out makes a person feel better. It is not the perfect solution and will not make the one suffering from trauma forget about their loss but it will help them express how they feel. This way, the sufferer's heart will get lightened and he/she might feel a little better.

Let Them Know that You’re Here:

Just let a person in trauma know that you will be there whenever he/she will need you. Tell them that if they want to cry or want someone to talk to, you are just a call away. Mean what you say and let the person speak to you whatever there is in his/her heart.

Prepare Food:

It comes as no surprise that a person going through this upsetting time loses their appetite but not eating will not make the grief go away. Make comfort food for your friend suffering with pain of losing a dear one. Food really makes a huge amount of difference; it lifts up a saddened person’s mood a bit. This way, they won’t be able to skip meals and won’t get sick.

Let Them Grieve:

We see people asking the close friends and family members not to cry. You must understand that crying and grieving is important. If the grief is not let out, it has the capability of destroying a person from within and result in severe depression. You must let the person grieve the death of their loved one because it is not a phase that will pass away so easily. You can help them create a memory book this way they can relive the memories and take it all out.

These are the fundamental things that will help you console your friend/family over the death of their loved one but you cannot expect them to be okay in a few days. It will take time and you must be patient and help them come out of this phase without letting them get lost in the darkness of depression.