7 Things That Make You Sound Like A Dominating Person


People with a dominating and bossy nature are not much appreciated by anyone in the society. Nobody likes a person who tries to show-off their skills just to dominate and show how powerful they are. Want to see if you are one of those “un-liked” dominating people? Here are the seven things that make you sound like one.

Things that can make you sound like a dominating person

Incapability of Showing Emotions:

If you are incapable of expressing emotions such as love, tenderness or compassion and point out the weaknesses in others, then you my friend, are a dominating personality. This trait is one of the most highlighted traits of a dominating personality or nature. Everything a dominating person says or does highlight his/her own personality as the ideal one.

Partners of Lying:

To prove his/her point, a dominating person will lie. If you cannot withstand someone’s viewpoint and talk contradictory to it, there are many who just to add weight to their opinion, make up a story. This is done in order to prove that whatever they are saying is the right thing. This way lying becomes the part of one’s personality if he belongs to a group of dominating people.

Flattery and Flirting:

If you are a dominating person, flattery and flirting are your two major tools. To make someone admire you and see you as an ideal, you use flattery and flirting just like people make use of bribe to make sure their work is done. In a similar manner, to make your way in the crowd, you use flattering and flirtatious phrases.

Hungry for Attention:

Though you might seem all cool and hard core from your exterior, deep within your heart, you crave for attention. You try to make people see your accomplishments (if there are any) and force them in an indirect way to praise your hard work. One or the other, you try to bring up your name and your achievements to seek attention and tell everyone that you are the most important person in the entire world.

Best at Faking It:

In some situations, when there is a need to show emotions and you observe it, you try to fake it. A dominating person will fake every bit of his/her emotions just to be the person people look up to, though deep within none of these emotions are real to you. All you want is to make people see that there are no flaws in you and you are certainly the best among them.

Suspicious about the Whole World:

If your mind keeps evaluating people to figure out if anyone is trying to scheme against you, you are dominating. If you believe in the fact that the whole world wants to bring you down, then you are one of them. This is because a dominating person always feels that the other people around him are out to get him. This state of mind is called “paranoia” and it is one of the major characteristics of a dominating personality.

Projection of a Grandiose Image:

This is the most dominant feature of a people who belong to this group. Such people put up a grand image of themselves in front of the world. If you are focused on showing people how grand you are, even though you are well aware of the fact that you aren’t, you possess the most highlighted personality trait of dominating personality.