5 Things You Should Consider Donating In a Relief Camp


Australia is a wealthy nation, which is welcoming more than 14000 refugees each year. Such big number means that government alone cannot rebuild their broken lives. There are several NGOs which have taken the responsibility to enhance the lives of these refugees. The chain ends with us, helping the Government and these NGOs by paying taxes and making donations respectively. Taxes are a fixed and much indirect way, by which we help refugees. However, donations are a much more direct way to help these poor refugees get back to a normal life.

When it comes to donating, many of us are just confused with what to give to these refugees. As we are not in direct contact with them, we are almost absolutely unaware of their needs. At this point, the NGOs play their role, research about the needs of refugees and ask us to help gather what is needed. Here are a few things that we might consider donating in a relief camp.

Blankets and beddings:

Owing to the cold weather of Australia, it is important that we provide these homeless people with apt protection against the harshness of winter. Each year, most of us buy new blankets discarding the old ones. Sending those blankets to the relief camps can save many lives and help you earn millions of prayers.

Non-perishable food:

Canned food, flour, oil, rice, noodles, ready to cook packets, etc. are also an important consideration for donations. Most relief camps face the food crisis. They barely get 2 meals a day. If we wish that these people get out of these camps to live a normal life, it is important we give them the power to do the work. Without food, they won’t be able to work and are likely to die because of hunger. Moreover, Halal and vegetarian food is seldom found in these camps. We must step forward to particularly donate such food in the relief camps.


A very poor condition of toilets is observed in the relief camps. This is a major contributor to the health problems in these camps. Personal hygiene kit can be very beneficial for those people. A healthy life can quickly lead to a successful life.


When we think about donating, we only consider the materialistic part of it. We can also donate our time by volunteering at these camps. It is not necessary that we must have large supplies to donate and then only we should go to them. Just spending some time with these people can actually give them the psychological boost. They are much depressed and in need of emotional welfare.


At the end of the day, these organisations have extensive networks in place. If you are able to donate some money, the camps can be better supplied, better staffed and overall living conditions can be improved.

There are many other things we can consider for donating at relief camps. However, the above few are of added importance.