5 Qualities That Make You a Leader Instead of an Employer

Be A Good Leader

For an organization to touch the skies of success, it is important to have a strong leader. Being the authority may not win you the respect and success, but a good leadership can. When you resume the office to manage people, you don’t automatically become a leader. Not many are born leaders but they train themselves to lead the world. Here are some ways you too can be a leader:

Think Over The Horizon:

‘Thinking over the horizon’ is what distinguishes a leader and a common man. A leader would paint a picture from his imagination and engage others to transform this into reality. It is important that you have a clear and well-communicated vision. By portraying a big picture of what you can be part of, you can attract more people to follow you, unlike an employer who would set goals and control situation to achieve them.

Lead Your Employees:

A leader is someone who possesses the power to influence and motivate others to follow his vision. Leaders are people oriented and inspire people to follow their footsteps. As per Gary Brooks “Leadership and culture aren’t about being the boss or being in control; they are about creating shared visions and goals, and then inspiring, empowering and influencing others to achieve more than they ever thought possible,”. Employees that are motivated need not be pushed. Once confidence is developed, employees would have high morale and will be motivated to contribute to the company’s well being. A good leadership would inspire a team instead of a group of co-workers.

Don’t Wait For Feedback:

An employer would always wait for employees to give feedback. However waiting for your employees to become brave enough to offer you feedback is risky. A good leader always asks and positively listens to his employees. This would help get timely feedback about yourself or the methods you are using to ensure personal or company’s growth. Understanding non-verbals is more important to understand the state of mind.

Follow Your Curiosity:

Learning each day is a sign that you are growing. In this ever changing world, if you are not changing, you’ll fall behind. Being open to criticism and learning from your mistake is a key to be a good leader. Employers usually stick to what once maximized the profit and would prefer perfecting existing system over changing the system. Adopting proven behavior is something a leader would not prefer. He would rather prefer to work out his own path of success.

Create Fans, Not Employees:

Leaders go on to set an example that motivates people to follow them. They do not direct but inspire and teach their follower's ways to achieve their goals. This fanship helps them create their brand and increase their visibility and credibility in the market. Also, this increases the productivity of the employees as they are not competing to get into the good book of the boss but working to follow their leader.