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Are you someone who suffers from stress? From time to time, we all become overwhelmed with our responsibilities, workloads and life pressures, leading to that horrible feeling we have termed ‘stress’. Some are more easily stressed than others, and we all deal with stress in different ways. While living a life free from stress is virtually impossible, there are a number of ways to reduce our feelings of stress. It is important to take some time to consider what is causing you stress because this emotion affects our overall happiness, quality of life and productivity (often leading us to become even more stressed). Take a read and find out how you can de-stress your life.


Recognise the cause

Many of us feel stressed without knowing quite why. It is important to take a step back and assess the areas of your life which are causing you these feelings. Once you have identified your ‘triggers’, it may be possible to take steps to mitigate their impact in your life. Whether you have fallen out with a friend, are struggling under an increased workload, are experiencing medical problems or are going through a significant life event such as a wedding or buying a house, once we know the cause, we can take action. While we may not be able to remove the cause of our stress from our lives, often people find that simply knowing what is making them feel stressed reduces the emotions at once.



Yes, it’s a cliché but it really works. Our bodies produce a number of important hormones when we exercise which help to reduce our stress levels as well as increasing our feelings of happiness. Being cooped up indoors all day, hunched over a desk or caring for a family doesn’t allow you much time for you. Take half an hour just to go for a walk; spending some ‘me’ time outside as well as getting exercise will dramatically reduce your stress levels and help you move into a more positive headspace where everything appears more manageable and the future seems brighter.


Improve your diet

Often, when we are stressed, we opt for quick and easy meal solutions because we feel like we don’t have time for anything more. Pasta is a popular choice, for example. Unfortunately, a diet which lacks nutrition is likely to make you feel even more stressed. As with exercising, take some time to create a nice meal for yourself as often as you can. Not only will you subconsciously appreciate the fact that you are doing something special  for yourself, but you will also be boosting your immune system with healthy food, as well as triggering the release of happy hormones.


Sleep, sleep, sleep

Often, people who are stressed struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sleeping well and feeling rested is key to reducing stress levels. It’s vicious circle, effectively, and we would not advise resorting to medication to help you sleep. Instead, try not to watch television late at night and instead read a book, chat with family or listen to music. Go to bed earlier, especially if you must get up early, to make sure your body is getting as much sleep as it needs. When you’re better rested, you’ll become more productive and, with time, you will be more efficient in your tasks and your stress levels will reduce.


Get away from it all

When was the last time you took a vacation? You may think that because you’ve got so much to do, you couldn’t possibly go away. But this is the exact time when it is important to do so. Staying in one place, working constantly and slowly being crushed by the pressures of life is simply unhealthy. Sure, once you get back from your holiday your inbox will require some serious attention. But go anyway. Doctors often prescribe time away from the daily grind for people suffering severe stress and it can benefit anyone sitting on any part of the stress spectrum. Once again, it’s about taking some time for yourself, reprioritising your life and gaining some perspective. The world is not going to implode if you don’t answer every email within five minutes. The children are not going to run out of clean clothes if you don’t put on a laundry cycle every other day. Life will roll along regardless and what needs to get done, will. A holiday will make you calmer, more relaxed, less stressed and more productive when you get back.


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