Police Officers

A little appreciation motivates anyone to do better. Words of gratitude and gratefulness are a fuel to heart. How do you feel when your efforts are praised? Feel the same for every other person who strives each day to protect common people and their rights. The most significant people among these are cops who put their own lives at risk to ensure security for us. While leaving their homes, they don’t even know whether they will ever return or not. They consider every other day a new chance of living their life.

Yet, people do not take more than a minute to pick up mistakes of cops. However, our cops are kind and gentle to help out anyone who needs them for the smallest of the things. They are at our service at any hour of the day or night. Therefore, they at least deserve due respect and gratefulness in return. Solemnly, what I believe is, a kind gesture can mould any person. You must at least try to approach such human beings around you that are somehow the reason of your security, protection and freedom.

Following Are The 3 Easiest Things You Can Do For Those Cops That You See Daily On Roads When You Are Out:

1.     Proffer Water or a Soft Drink:

While we are confined in the closed boundaries of our homes, our cops are on duty outside. If you can feel their pain, stand up and go out. Give them a cool water bottle or a refreshing energy drink and they will smile back to you for sure. This generous act make cops feel appreciated for their thankless efforts.

2.     Bestow a Bunch of Daisies:

Flowers always being the symbol of pleasure and delight accorded to gloss feelings. Give flowers to the cops on duty and say thank you for their relentless effort. Spend some minutes with them and explore the problems they come across each day on duty. Although a simple bunch of daisies and a thank you is not truly enough. However, those flowers will cherish their act.

3.     Publish a Thank You Note:

Each day in newspapers, you will find large number of reports saying cops and police department show their aggressive and violent attitude towards common people. Cops are also human beings, like they can have flaws as well. Why people think that they should be perfect and behave ingeniously every time, while they themselves cannot. Over the head, we should always be thankful that they exist for our protection outside while we stay relaxed in our homes. A simple thing you can do to spread positivity for these cops is to publish a small thank you note, expressing that you value their efforts.

Just like we celebrate days for our Mother, Father and Siblings; we should celebrate one day for the cops and soldiers in our country on national level. This will not only recognize their efforts amazingly but also encourage them to do better in the future.