Depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you think, feel, and behave. Depression can cause a constant feeling of sorrow, low self-esteem and anxiety.  In all, depression can corrode one’s life. It can last from days to years or maybe decades in some cases.

There are two kinds of people; one, who face depression only once in their lives and others, who face several episodes of depression during their lifetime. Depression is painful because it interrupts your daily activities, like school, work or social events. Depression makes people feel like they can’t face the world. People with depression have a constant urge of staying in their beds for longer hours just to avoid any interaction.

So, here are the three key tips that can help anyone reduce the effects of depression:

1.     Get Enough Sleep and Exercise:

If you are disturbed or depressed, then there is nothing better than sleep. Sleep is a good therapy that helps you overcome your mood swings. One needs to ensure that he takes enough sleep as it is important for both physical and mental peace. At least take 6-8 hours of sleep at night.

Exercise is essential for every human body and it also affects your mood easily. Exercise helps you in boosting your mood and makes you feel energetic. After exercise, the symptoms of your depression will significantly reduce than before. You can even join gym with a friend, not only to divert your mind but also to enjoy the company of your friend and feel good being happy.

2.     Eat Healthy Fats and Regulate Your Blood Sugar:

Sugar has a bigger role to play in abating depression. But there are a lot of depressed people who have high intake of sugar too. To fight the battle of depression, you should balance your blood sugar and ensure that you eat regular meals and snacks which have good source of protein.

Eating healthy fats, like fish, also reduces your depression. Moreover, walnuts are also great source of omega-3. So, make sure you eat healthy fats in order to overcome depression.

3.     Do What You Like To Do and Share Your Troubles:

The presence of a hobby plays a vital role in your life and hence, shows that symptoms of depression decrease. Finding what you like to do will help you to improve your mood and reduce the risk of depression. Turn your attention to something positive, like do painting, writing, dancing, hiking or cycling, just in order to divert your mood. Ensure that you do things that give you a good laugh, like watching a movie with a friend or playing with your kids.

Identifying troubles is necessary but make sure you do not turn them into depression. Instead, share them with your close friends or any family member so that they can help you overcome your depression. If you are feeling low, try to overcome the problem before it absorbs in your body and turns into depression. Make sure you pour your heart out to someone who understands you and gives you the best advice!