Kind Family

‘If you want to change the world, go home and love your family’ –Mother Teresa

Facing this dishonest, false and its errant ways somewhere make us all a little depressed. How wonderful would it be if someone takes time out for us and make us smile! Is’t it? Small acts of thoughtfulness for others and smiling at them warmly never fails to spread happiness.  Kindness that you spread today goes a long way. It makes someone’s day and makes them feel loved.  Is there any better place than our own families to start spreading love?

While it is important to be kind at our workplaces, it is equally important to treat our family in the kindest ways and make them feel appreciated and cherished. Your home is the best place to start if you want to change the world.

1.     Compliment Them Often:

Complimenting is the simplest way to make someone feel loved. Look for little reasons to appreciate them. It does not cost anything but the smile on your face will make your day.

2.     Help Them with Daily Chores:

Our family puts in so much effort to make our lives easy and make us feel loved.  There is no better way to express appreciation for them than by helping them with their chores. It might be any small task, like some household chore or buying grocery, cooking a meal or paying bills, etc. It will make them feel loved and cared for.

3.     Serve Them Breakfast In Bed:

Make breakfast for your parents and surprise them on a weekend! This simple gesture is sure to touch their hearts and light up their world. You will love watching their faces shine!

4.     Leave A Note:

A simple way to show love to your spouse, your siblings or your parents is to write a note. Sure, we say I love you or Thank you to each other every day, but a written word makes it all more special. You can hide this note in their pocket or drawer, somewhere they will discover it later and smile when they read.

5.     Talk To Them:

Whenever any of your loved ones tell you something, give them your entire attention. Your opinions and advice are important to them as much as your undivided attention is. Appreciate and love, you’ll see it come back to you!

6.     Have A Movie Night:

Plan a movie night with your siblings. Be thoughtful and ask them what they want to watch. Some little actions and thoughts like these will spread love and strengthen your bond with them.

7.     Decorate Their Room:

Ever thought about cleaning and decorating your sibling’s room? Taking out the time to do it will turn their day into a special one. Buy them flowers and have them arranged in a vase. 

8.     Share Your Favorite Snack:

Cook a favorite dish for your spouse and make their day romantic. Surprise your sibling by making them a favorite snack and sharing it.

9.     Create Something Special:

Do something special: draw them a picture, make them a card, get one of your photos framed and hung in a room. They are going to feel special every time they look at it.

10.      Extra Hugs and Kisses:

The best one: a hug and a kiss never fail to soothe a loved one who’s having a bad day. This is the best way to show your love and affection for them.