How to be a good neighbour

Good neighbours

Whether you live in an apartment or a villa, you are surrounded by people who belong to diverse cultures and lifestyles. It could be either problematic or very peaceful to live with neighbors who have different mindsets or have a different perspective of living. Everything depends upon how you treat the people of the community you live in.

To live with your neighbors in peace and harmony, follow these simple guide lines. You will also be able to analyze as to where you stand on the scale of being a good neighbor:

 1.     Be Friendly:

The basic foundation on which good relations can be developed with your neighbors is your friendly approach towards them. If, for instance, there’s a very loud party being held in the house next door every weekend, there are two ways you can deal with them; the calm way or the aggressive way. Both these approaches have completely different outcomes. If you calmly talk about the problem you have with your neighbor and how their lifestyle is affecting you, your neighbor might think about you the next time he or she throws a party. The second approach is the aggressive approach. If you start bashing on their door and scream about how loud the party is, they might not like it and the next time they’re having a party they might not consider you and they will look at you as a  rowdy neighbor.

2.     Be Helpful and Compromise:

Offering someone a helping hand does not do any harm to anyone. And in order to develop or strengthen your relations with your neighbors, offering them help plays an immensely important role. Try to make your neighbors aware of what your lifestyle is and try to find out what they might not like. You can also try to analyze their lifestyle so that you can show respect to them by avoiding things they are not very fond off. If they are not very social, you make sure you don’t show up at their door every next day. Compromise is the key to make any relation work even if it’s your relationship with your neighbors.

3.     Practice Parking Etiquette:

Make sure to park your car in front of your home. While you are parking your car, keep in mind that your car is not blocking your neighbor’s access. Park your car in way that leaves an ample space for your neighbor to park their car and pull-out their car whenever they want to.

4.     Put rubbish/garbage out on the Right Day:

Do not place your garbage outside your house before that is due for collection. If, for some reason, you miss the collection time, then take your garbage back to your house and try to contain it until the next collection due date. Try to keep your trash area as clean as possible. As soon as you start to feel that your trash can has begun to smell, wash it. This way you can help keep your neighborhood clean and free of diseases.

If your follow these steps, you can successfully establish good relations with your neighbor and might even win the award for being the best neighbor.