Mother and child

Mothers are very important part of our lives. Their hugs bring us comfort and their smiles give us strength. From thecradle to our first day at school, from high school to college, from career to wedding, a mother is that one entity who unconditionally stands by you. How about giving these angels some smiles in return? You can easily make your mother lively smile every day by some simple tips and tricks.

Here Are Some Of The Ideas That Will Make You Old Mother Happy:

1.    Invite Her Friends:

You can invite your mother's friends at your place, arrange a small party for her where she rejoices with her close friends, has fun and feels young again.

2.    Take Her to Shopping:

Take her to shopping and buy her a pair of shoes or clothes. Make her realize that you really love to spend time with her. Let her buy things that she loves, make her feel important and that she is loved.

3.    Compliments Make Things Better:

Do not forget to compliment her often because she deserves it. She has been always there for you when you needed her and now it’s your time to be there for her. Appreciate her for her presence and for being there with you, always!

4.    Movies Are A Good Relief:

Take her to theatres and watch her favorite movie with her or else sit at home and watch her favorite series with her. Make her feel that you are giving her the best of your time.

5.    Some Selfies Do Not Hurt:

Always remember to click pictures with her so that you both can have a lot of memories. This will make her enjoy every moment of her life with you.

6.    Go Out With Her:

Take her out for dinner or lunch, once a week or once in a month.

7.    Surprise Her:

Do not forget to give her small surprises. Buy gifts for her or just give her a bouquet to make her feel beautiful.

8.    Long Drives and Road Trips:

Take your mothers on road trips or take her to a place in the world where she always wanted to go.

9.    Work on Her Dreams from the Past:

Make your mother's dream come true. There might be things that she wanted to do in life but couldn’t do because of family responsibility or a number of other reasons. Try to turn her dreams into reality. You can’t even imagine the happiness that she will get after knowing that you not only care for her but also for her dreams.

10.   Keep Her Fit:

If your mother is depressed, then take her to a fitness class where she can dance or do yoga. 

11.    Tell Her You Love Her:

Record a CD with your voice for your mother and tell her how much you love ane adore her, and are thankful to her.

12.    Call her:

If you are living far away from your mother, make sure you call her regularly. Mothers love to hear their kids’ voice, no matter how busy they are.

13.    Some Fresh Air Daily Does Wonders:

Take her to parks where she can feel fresh and enjoy the purity of the air.

14.    Try To Listen To The Unsaid:

Try to understand their feelings. Try to think in a matured way and from your parents' point of view. She might not always say everything out loud. Try to read what her eyes say to you.

15.     Make plans with people she loves:

Take your mother to some family get together, picnic or just spend time at home with lots of fun and positive energy around.

16.     Always Celebrate Her:

Do not forget to celebrate her on her special events. Nothing makes a mom feel more special than her children remembering her birthday or anniversary.

17.     Be Thankful:

Always show gratitude to your mother by giving a small card, a hug or just a thank you message. Create memories which your parents can cherish forever.

18.    Reminder Texts Are Adorable:

Always text your mother when you are not around her. Even three words of text like ''I love you'' or ''I miss you'' will bring smile to her face immediately.