Animal shelter - kittens

Animals are really adored by our society. Most of the households love having pets. Once adopted, these pets are treated as the members of the family. How amazing, isn’t it? It is great to see many shelters out there that adopt stray cats, dogs and other animals. But this is not enough. How you treat your pets is the second step, the first step is the process of adoption.

For the adoption of any pet, you need to visit the animal shelter. There are certain things you need to do when you visit an animal shelter.

1.     Choose your words carefully:

When you visit an animal shelter and you are talking to any of the staff members, you need to be very careful with your words. If you want a dog as a pet, never say that you need a ‘guard’ dog. This might not be appreciated by the staff and they might refuse to let you adopt any of the dogs. This is because in the animal shelters, the animals are treated as family and by ‘guard’ it is meant that the dog will be chained outside, which doesn’t portray a very good picture. Therefore, one needs to be really careful about what he says in an animal shelter.

2.     If you have a pet already, bring it along:

If you already have a pet at home, a cat or a dog, you must take it along while visiting an animal shelter. An important thing to consider is whether the new pet you are going to adopt can adjust with your old pet. You must check the chemistry between the two before you adopt a new pet.

3.     Cooperate with the Animal Shelter Staff:

If you have ever visited an animal shelter before, you will know that there are signs attached to the kennel doors saying not to touch the animals or poke fingers into the cage. Try to obey the signs. These precautions are not only for your safety but also for the safety of the animals. Your actions might scare or frighten the animal and it is not a good thing. If a staff member asks you to step away from a cage, or asks you not to mess with a certain animal, you should fully abide by the rules.

4.     Ask Questions about the Animals and Spend Time with them:

Do not feel shy to ask about the animals. Take all the information you need about any animal you like. Ask about the nature of that animal as well his likes or dislikes. Spend time with all the animals in the shelter. Spending time and treating the animals with affection is a good practice when you visit an animal shelter.

5.     Adopt, Don’t Shop:

Animals in an animal shelter come from various places and different conditions. Not all animals you see will look beautiful or attractive but despite this, they are still animals. Do not ever say that you do not want a certain animal because it is not cute. Adopt an animal for goodwill and not for mere entertainment. Remember, you are not here to shop, you are here to adopt!