Ten Easy Ways to Break Ice with an Old Friend

Ice in Alaska

Life is like a bus where friends are like passengers. They stay with you until you both are on the same route and will get off your bus once they reach their destination. Even people, who got to sit next to you, best friends, get off your bus when routes change. However, in this small circle of life, you may find some passengers again wishing to take another ride with you.

Reconnecting with someone from the past can be exciting, nostalgic and heartwarming at the same time. But if you have decided to take the plunge and reach out to your friend, no matter what can help you a lot. There is actually no special trick to get along magically but a few simple ways can help kick-start again without being awkward.

Ways to Break Ice with an Old friend

Sending a warm message:

You can simply send a warm message saying, “long time, no talk. What’s up?” or a short letter “hi there, how are you doing? Hope you are doing good. It’s been a long time we had a talk. I still remember our meeting on Sam’s wedding and ended up drinking all night :P After that life spared me no time to get back to you. Well, it’s never too late to get back to an old friend. Call me up whenever you are free and we can have a coffee if you wish”. Any such text would be an ice breaker.

Sending an email: You can send an email saying the same thing in message. It will have a similar impact in starting up a conversation with an old friend.

Using social media to indirectly intimate you are willing to get back: You can comment on Facebook in some memory you shared together telling them you miss them. Tagging in a related post can do equally good.

Planning and reunion: Sometimes it is difficult to talk about ourselves with an old friend. In such case, asking for their help to plan a reunion can help. When discussing for the reunion you will get along in no time.

Inviting for a coffee or a drink: Meeting in person can put down a lot of nervousness. One may easily procrastinate on this if he or she has to message or email an old friend but once you see each other, the memories and joy of reunion will do all.

Speaking of a memory that you share: Often, talking about the past is the simplest of all. Sit back and open your memory treasure box and you can pass through the first awkward phase of what to talk and how to start. But be careful not to hit topics of controversy.

Sharing a story that reminded you of them: “Yesterday I went to the bench and saw a guy that resembled you a lot. I went following but soon realized he was someone else”. This can trigger the conversation easily.

Inviting them to an event: Calling old friends to your events could be another simple way to get them back in your life. You can start with the invitation and then continue to talk.

Asking for help: Deliberately asking their help in their field of interest can kick off the relation again. This will set an impression that you still count on them.

Commenting on their achievement that you got to know recently: Congratulating on their success is a nice start in talking to your old friend. This will make them feel that you still keep their track and are happy to their happiness.