Role of an Elementary School Teacher in A Child's Personality


We know that parents play the most important role in the development of a child’s personality. They are solely responsible for upbringing him kids and preparing him for school.

After a child becomes school going, the teachers and the school become major contributors in the development of the personality of the child. The first 7-8 years are the most crucial years of the human lives as at this age they can be moulded into any shape and after these early years of age, the mould becomes permanent and trying to change the mould will only break it.

To avoid breaking the personality of your kid when they are grown-ups, it is important that they be moulded in the perfect moulds. The most important people in the development of a child’s personality are the parents and the elementary school teachers.

Teachers are role models

The role models of a child are mostly his parents or even school teachers. Remember how we loved the idea of becoming a school teacher? Well, this shows how important the role of a teacher is in the early ages of education. Teachers are considered as one of the most influential role models for children.

Child spends a big part of the day at school

A child spends between six to eight hours with a teacher, which implies that most of the time of child’s life after school begins is spent at school. What they do in that time is what shapes them into a person they will be when they grow up. A teacher is second to parents for a child. Some of the most important lessons are taught by the teachers at elementary schools. In elementary school, a child gets introduced to the concept of socializing and starts making friends in the early stages of life. A teacher can show the children how to be independent and how to develop good relations with people we interact with.

The life lessons learnt by the child in the early stage of education, through the teachers and the school, reside in the minds even when the kid is all grown up. This is because some of the major lessons are in the memories from the elementary school.

The early teachings that the kids learn from the teachers include the sense of creativity, the sense of empathy, enthusiasm, dedication and discipline. These are the basic senses that make people what they are today. A teacher introduces a kid to these senses, using these a kid can move forward in life and succeed.

A teacher is the best role model. A teacher can either make the perfect personality or destroy it completely. Teachers must always be the perfect personalities as all the kids idolize them and wish to be like them. A good elementary teacher’s influence will always be there in a person’s personality, therefore, the role of an elementary school teacher is very important in shaping a child’s personality, even more vital than the role of the parents.