What Does It Mean To Be An Ambassador?

More Good Deeds Ambassador

More Good Deeds is always looking to recruit ambassadors into our ever expanding group of do-gooders around the world. But what do we want from our ambassador? What does the title involve? Far from the high stress, time-consuming job of being a diplomat, often referred to as ambassador, we simply want you to spread the word and encourage random acts of kindness. Become an ambassador to More Good Deeds and help us sprinkle a little happiness over your community.


The vast majority of humans are good. But most of us need reminding occasionally to do those little good deeds which brighten our lives and the lives of those around us. When work, family and other responsibilities encroach, it can be hard to make time to do good. Although many of our ‘good deeds’ are impromptu and random, stopping to help someone with their shopping or remembering to pay for the coffee of the person behind you is something you need to be reminded to do until it becomes a habit. This is the job of our ambassadors.


More Good Deeds wants to build up a network of ambassadors all over the world who work together and independently to spread our message. As a social enterprise, we rely on our community of supporters to encourage their friends and family to get involved as well. There are a number of different ways you can spread the word as a supporter and ambassador of More Good Deeds:


1.         Use Our App – we specifically designed the More Good Deeds app to link our supporters around the world. You can share inspirational good deeds to your own social media and also be inspired by others and follow their own kindness journeys.


2.         Social Media – More Good Deeds has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts but so do you! Why not share your support for us on your personal accounts either by sharing, retweeting or reposting our content? Or create your own post with a link to the More Good Deeds site or account so your friends and family can learn who we are and why you are supporting us.


3.         Lead By Example – Research shows that if you are the recipient of a good deed, you are far more likely to perform your own act of kindness in the future. Simply by doing your good deeds, you are working as an ambassador for our cause. We encourage our Ambassadors to do good deeds as often as possible and would love to see you posting to our app several times a week to spread the message worldwide.


4.         Tell A Friend – If you’re sitting with a friend one evening, both absorbed in your phones, why not tell them about our App. Get them to download it right then and there and help them set up a profile. Show them how to follow you and together think back of the past few days to see if you can identify something they did which can be posted in the app. Don’t forget to select which cause they want to support as well so $1 is donated to their chosen charity.


5.         Email Us – We expect no more from our ambassadors than performing good deeds. using our app and spreading the word. However, if you want to step up your involvement a little, contact us today by sending an email to hello@moregooddeeds.org. We can offer you advice and support which will help you become a more effective and wider reaching ambassador for our enterprise.


Our aim is to have ambassadors around the world interacting through our app and social media platforms. We can work together, across land and sea, to spread the message of More Good Deeds. In a world of darkness, where people are scared and the future in uncertain. Where hate thrives and the good of humanity is sometimes hard to see, we can change things. We, you and me, are good. We can be good, spread good, show good. More Good Deeds Ambassadors around the world can show goodness to their own community and inspire those around them to be kind. We can recruit other ambassadors, share our kind acts and spread the word until the voices of love drown out the shouts of hatred.


If you’re interested in becoming a More Good Deeds Ambassador …


Go. Do. Experience. Share. Inspire. More Good Deeds.