Things You Can Do At Your College To Stop Bullying

Stop bullying

Bullying has become a trend these days in all educational institutions and work places. However, Bullying is not something to be quiet about. It is a major problem that needs to be dealt seriously. It is a practice that affects a person’s confidence and alters his mental abilities. The victims of bullying are in a terrible phase of mind. Signs such as trust issues, anger, low self-esteem, isolation and a disturbed mind stay with the bullying victims all their lives. Many victims, who cannot do anything about them being bullied, often think that taking their own lives would bring them peace. This is why a lot of them even commit suicide.

It is an issue for which everyone needs to raise a voice. Even if you are not a victim of bullying, you must take a stand for everyone affected by this common practice.

Here is a list of things one can do to stop bullying:

Do not Ignore:

The first step towards putting a stop to this malpractice is to never ignore bullying cases. If you see someone being bullied, do not ignore it. Ignoring it would make the bullies become confident about what they are doing.  They will feel that what they are doing is okay. Make sure you take a note of it and contact the authorities of the college and stop before things get out of hand.

Gather Students for the Cause:

One person cannot bring a change. It takes a lot of efforts and people to stop something like bullying. If it is a common practice at your college, start talking to your friends about it, gather up people and next time you see someone being bullied, stand up for the victim. A major force can surely put an end to it.

Contact the Authorities:

If one doesn’t want to intervene and divert the attention of the bullies towards them, it is recommended that one must contact the authorities of the college. Sometimes the victims avoid talking about it and prefer not to notify any authorities of the Institute. If this is the case, then you must contact the concerned person. Notify them about the bullying activities taking place in the college and ask them to take action against it.

Convince the Victims to Take a Stand:

Bullies will stop bullying if the bullied stops it at the first instance. If a friend of yours is being bullied, convince them to take a stand for themselves. Show the bullied that he/she is not weak by speaking up and saying no. Persuade them to ask the bullies to leave him/her alone and also convince him/her to report it as soon as they can.

Staying quiet about something wrong around you, makes you a part of it. Same goes for bullying. If you witness a scene of bullying in front of you, speak up because you do not want to be considered as a bully.

Take a stand, because everyone deserves to live a bully-free life.