Sometimes It’s Ok Not to Speak Out

Stay quiet

Generations of the 21st century has very differing views from those who belong to older centuries. Many things have changed and many viewpoints have changed over the time. One of the boldest changes in our generation is that they speak out. Regardless of what the outcomes might be, they believe that speaking out is the best thing to do. According to most of the millennials, letting it all out is the best therapy to any kind of situation. Be it a rough experience from past or something you are fighting in your life right now.

In many cases, speaking up has really changed lives of people in a good way. Such as raising voice against issues like women liberty, child abuse, harassment etc. have really improved the living conditions of the world. For especially women, the freedom of speech and courage to put their trauma in fore front has made them bolder and stronger version of themselves. However, this implied the concept that speaking out is ‘always’ a solution. That a person who is not talking about his/her problems publically is ashamed, coward or weak. That’s exactly not how it is. Sometimes, silence can also be a therapy. Sometimes solving it all by yourself can be far better than letting every irrelevant person know about your struggle.

If one is disagreeing with your views and trying to impose theirs on you, you might think that speaking out might help change the person’s attitude but to be very honest it won’t. In a situation where there are chances that speaking out your opinion might create an issue, avoid it. Make yourself calm down and try to accept the viewpoint of others as not all people in this world can have the same mind sets.

If a person speaks out a lot, an image will be created in front of the world that this person is just not satisfied with anything and the world starts to disregard that person. Therefore, sometimes, when speaking is not really necessary one should stay put and control themselves.

We never know that how what we say might affect an individual. If you want to criticize someone for not doing their duty properly or to just to sneer at someone’s failure, it is better that you do not speak out. You are allowed to criticize but there are certain limits to everything, therefore it is better to avoid speaking out on this matter.

Anger is a way of expression that mainly ruins lives. Controlling your anger is very important. The thinking capabilities when one is angry deteriorates. Therefore, avoid speaking up when angry to avoid fights and bad language. You don’t know how what you say in your anger might offend the person you are addressing to. Always wait for your anger to end and discuss the matters while in your senses.

Sometimes, silence can do what speaking out can never do. Some situations require one to keep silent. If you keep silent during arguments and unnecessary, vain discussions people will value your opinion as they will know that you are who do not speak out in every argument and will surely listen to you.