Seven Things You Can Do To Become A Better Sibling


To have a brother or a sister is nothing less than a blessing. Having a sibling means you have someone you can rely on from the very beginning and probably till the end. A constant companion with whom you do not only share your secrets but also your rooms. They are friends that will never betray you. They will always be the best critiques and will try to make you a better person. Fights among siblings are very common but they are also the ones to be on your side when the whole world is against you, because they are family!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you fail to be a good brother or a sister. Here are some guidelines that will make you the best sibling ever:

1.   Be Supportive:

The first and foremost step in becoming a better sibling is to be a constant support for your sibling. Always take a stand for them and never let an outsider degrade them. It makes them feel that they always have someone on their side and they are not alone if they face a problem. To feel that someone has your back, makes you confident in front of the world.

2.   Share and Make the Bond Stronger:

Sharing is caring, this phrase is actually true. When you care for a person, you share with them everything - be that your secrets or your clothes. Always share your belongings with your siblings and never ever be selfish. Let them have your stuff if it makes them happy. If you are a girl and your sister wants your clothes, let her borrow them.

3.   Spend Time Together:

We all love spending time with our friends and often forget that we have siblings who also need us. Being there for your friends is an extremely good deed, but being there for your siblings is the best and the most important. Find quality time to spend with your siblings. Play with them, have movie nights, share secrets and do all the fun stuff together. Never let your brother/sister feel that you do not love them. Spend time with them and show them how much you adore them.

4.   Give Your Siblings Some Space:

Siblings are your friends since birth but even they need some space. Respect the privacy of your brother/sister. Do not poke your nose where it is unnecessary. Do not try to befriend your siblings’ friends if they dislike it. Let them have their space and don’t let your love and insecurity suffocate them.

5.   Respect Each Other’s Perspective:

Not everyone has the same perspective as you and it is a fact that you must accept. Same goes for your brothers or sisters. Do not impose your perspective over them. Respect their perspectives. Try to understand your siblings and also their mindset. If you do not agree with your siblings, tell them but do not argue and impose it on them. Every human being deserves to have their own perspective and we should respect that.

6.   Prioritize them:

One should always know and set his/her priorities straight. Your siblings should be your priority. If your brother or your sister calls you and wants to talk, be all ears to them. Give them time and let them speak. Cancel your plans if they need you. Be there for them at all times.

7.   Be Compromising:

Comprising is important if you want a relationship to work. Do not always force your siblings to change or bend according to you rather try to change yourself sometimes. Compromising keeps the relationship healthy and makes it last longer. Therefore, if a situation arises where your compromising might make things better, never turn your back and be the one to compromise.