How to be Humble to Immigrants


If an outsider comes to our house and starts living there, we do not like it. We think that our privacy is being intruded. Same is the case with the citizens of a country. Immigrants are not treated very well by the citizens of a country. A lot of people think immigrants are people who have either been exiled from their countries or face a problem back there like floor or terrorism. They fear immigrants might steal their jobs and opportunities.

Understand their importance

People always treat immigrants as an ‘extra’ part to their land. This is not the actual case. People often forget how beneficial the immigrants are to their country. There are a lot of ways in which the immigrants help a country. Immigration helps a country in generating more revenue. Half of the Silicon Valley start-ups are by the immigrants. The owners of some renowned industry giants like Yahoo, Google and a lot more were all immigrants in the United States. However, since they started the companies in US, the companies are associated with the same land and generating revenue of billions of dollars to it.

Immigrants are not less than a gift for a country and therefore it is suggested that the citizens of a country must always respect and be humble towards immigrants.

Do not make them feel like an outsider

The worst feeling in the world for one is when he/she is treated like an outsider. Never let a person believe that he/she does not belong to a place. If you know any immigrants, you should treat them well as they are also humans just like you and me. Immigrants help our country in many ways and they deserve to be considered as a part of the community.

Help them in adopting your culture

Another thing you can do to help your immigrant friends is to tell them more about your lifestyle and suggest them ways that will help them feel more like home. Know about their lifestyle, ask about the life they had before immigration and give them tips of how to survive in the new society.

Show respect

You must always show respect to the people who come to your country for employment, education or any other purpose. You should feel proud of how people are coming to live in your country. Show them that you are happy about them coming to the country. Do not ever disrespect them, rather treat them in the same way you treat your friends and family.

Understand that it is not easy for them

One must also try to understand the situation of a person who migrated from their country to another country. Migration from one country to another is not an easy thing to go through. You must understand that leaving their lives, friends, schools and jobs was not a small deal.

You should try to think of how immigrants help your country grow. They open businesses which do not only become an income source for them but also for many of the citizens of the country. They are major contributors in a country’s good economy and thus, should be treated well.