5 Traits of Good Moms

Good mothers

A mother gives birth and goes through excruciating pain. Being a mom is a tough job and it becomes tougher if you are a working mom. Handling the job, house and the kids is not easy and must be tackled with absolute expertise. Kids love their moms from the very beginning of their lives. Want to know if you’re doing a good job at being a mom? Want to know if you’re doing a good job at being a mom? Here are the five traits that prove that you are acing your job and your kids love you.

Love, Love and Lots of Love:

The love of a mother is priceless and this is what raises the value of a mother all around the world. No one can love you more than your mom. The most important quality of a good mom is that she loves her kids unconditionally. No matter how messy the little ones are or how angry they make you, loving them regardless of their actions is what makes you the best mom. Always love your kids.


Being a mom is cent percent a test of patience. No matter what your kids do, you must remain patient and calm at all times. Kids can be really annoying sometimes and they have a common problem of being too nosy. We see kids asking questions about things the adults never thought of and that makes them lose their patience. A good mom must stay calm and try to answer all the queries of their kids.

Not Overbearing:

We know you love and care for your kid the most in this whole world but whatever you do, never be over bearing. The type of mothers you see in the movies, yes, I am talking about those embarrassing mothers who show up at school with no real reason. Do not be that kind of a mother. Love your kids and care for them but if they do not appreciate the PDA, avoid it.


Who wants a mother who stays angry at all times and runs away at the first sign of fun. All kids want their moms to be cool and fun. A good mother is someone who brings out the inner child and indulges in fun activities with their kids. Try to be a part of your child’s life, not to obviously and show them that you are fun to be around. Fun moms are adored by all the kids.

Be Their Friend Along With a Mom:

The most highlighted trait of the perfect mom is that she is not just a mother but her kid’s best friend. Don’t always try to boss around your kids and scold them, be their best friend and be that person your kids would love to hang out with. Discuss their lives at school and ask about their friends. Be a person to whom your kid would come to when in need of help. Always be there to listen. You must always hear your kids out.

These are the five traits which must be a part of a mother’s personality. These traits are what make a mom, the perfect mom.