10 Things That Can Make You A Good Colleague

Good Colleague

The environment of a work place greatly influences an employee’s performance. If the atmosphere of the work place is unfriendly then a person will have nothing else to do except for work, which will make the worker’s mind saturated, resulting in frustration. Therefore, the office environment must always stay healthy and positive.

The attitude of a person also affects his/her performance at work. The employees should be allowed to interact with each other informally. Being good to your colleagues will help you be friends with them and earn their respect. And being friends with your colleagues make your work fun.

Here Is A List Of Things You Can Do To Be A Better Colleague:

1.   Develop a Habit of Greeting:

Whenever you go home, you greet your family. The same practice should be adopted at your workplace. One must treat their colleagues just like family. Whenever you come to work, make greeting a habit. It can be cheery “hello” or a refreshing “good morning”. Both will do just fine. Make sure you wish your co-workers a good day.

2.   Do not Forget to Give Credits:

There are some people who like eating up the credits of work that someone else did. You should not be that person. If your colleague does some work for you, always appreciate it and acknowledge him/her. Give them the credits they deserve.

3.   Ask for Opinions:

If you are having a hard-time in completing a task, do not hesitate to ask for opinions. You should always ask your colleagues for their opinion. Respect their viewpoints and their opinions. Thank them for their suggestions.

4.   Be Helpful:

If you see any of your colleagues in trouble, go and ask them if they need any help. Always offer your helping hand to them. This way they will know that you are there to help if they get stuck in some tasks or situation.

5.   Return Calls and E-mails Regularly:

Develop a habit to reply to your phone calls and emails. Always check your email and voice mails regularly and get back to your colleagues whenever they send you an email or call you.

6.   Appreciate and Acknowledge:

Keep a positive approach towards everything. Appreciate the efforts made by your colleagues. This will give your co-workers a feeling of self-confidence and will also enhance their self-esteem.

7.   Be Patient:

I agree that some co-workers are difficult to deal. They constantly try to make your work life difficult and the sole agenda of their life is to make your life miserable. You must stay focused and be patient. Do not let your co-workers derail you. Be polite and be patient with them and time will make things right.

8.   Do not Gossip:

It is recommended that you learn the art of small talk. When you are free try talking to your colleagues. But you must not talk a lot because it might annoy your co-workers. And never gossip about the office. Gossiping ruins relationships and to make the work place environment healthy you must keep good relationships with all your colleagues.

9.   Make Coffee Runs:

Everybody loves coffee while working. Be the good friend and at times make coffee runs for your colleagues. Everybody will love you at the office for this.

10.  Be Proactive and Responsible:

Everybody loves to work with someone who is active and is responsible. Nobody likes to work with a slacker. Be active in all projects and never be too afraid to give your opinions.