10 Things Never To Say In Front Of Someone Suffering From A Serious Illness

A sick friend

There many people suffering from serious diseases all around us. Sometimes it’s someone from our families, sometimes from our friends and sometimes from our relatives. It is often challenging to talk to them because it’s difficult finding the correct words to make them feel better. What they are going through, you and I can never understand. Therefore, how we treat ill people really matters, as what they’re feeling must be taken into consideration.

Here is a guide that will help you find the right way to treat a person suffering from a serious illness:

Never say that you understand what they are going through:

Some of us think that telling ill people that we understand what they are going through helps them feel better. Unfortunately, this is not the case. No one can understand accurately about how an ill person actually feels. It just frustrates the person. Just ask them, how they feel.

Never quote examples:

This is a phrase which, according to us, is a way of telling that we are familiar with the specific illness and understand their situation. But the person suffering might look at it from a different perspective and might feel alienated. Just be there for them and talk about other stuff.

Focus on the person suffering:

Never try to make yourself the center of conversation by highlighting your problems. The person suffering needs to hear positive things about life. Try to listen to them instead of telling them your own problems.

Avoid telling them to ask for help if they need anything:

This is indeed a good gesture. But to the person suffering it doesn’t sound so satisfying. It will embarrass them. You should rather say that you will bring food this Saturday as you will be visiting some place near on that day.

Do not try to reduce the significance of the illness:

Never tell an ill person not to worry and it will be fine. Though this is a phrase people normally use to comfor a person, but it is just minimizing the seriousness of the illness. A better phrase to use is to say that you are sorry to hear about it and tell them that you hope they will be fine.

Never tell an ill person that it could be worse:

Never compare someone’s illness with that of others and say that the situation could have gotten worse. Make the person feel that their illness is not as serious as that of someone else’s is just ruthless.

Never tell them that they are lucky to stay at home due to the disease:

Many people like joking with the sick people to make them feel better. Sometimes people think to lighten the environment by calling a sick person lucky to get a chance to stay away from work or school. But they shouldn’t do this as it may work the other way round.  It can make them feel way more terrible than they are already feeling.

Meet the person suffering from illness:

When a person is ill, he/she expects his/her loved ones to come and visit them and tell them that they are loved. It is important to show love, care and affection towards an ill person. It really makes their day.

Never tell them to be patient:

If a person is suffering from illness and is staying away from his/her active life, he/she is already being patient enough. Never tell a person suffering from a serious illness to be patient because you have no idea what that person is going through and how patient he/she has been throughout.

Asking about who have come to visit them:

Do not ever bring up a topic asking about some specific person coming to visit them. If you ask them this question, this would make them sadder and make them think about why some xyz person didn’t come to visit them. Do not try to bring up topics that you think might upset your friend suffering from a serious illness.