Fitting Good Deeds Into Your Life

More Good Deeds

Most of us want to do good with our lives. Presumably, because you’re reading this blog, your desire to do good is one you’re actively pursuing. But how do you find the time? What with work and family and social commitments and walking the dog and doing the laundry and remembering to send that birthday card to Great Aunt Doris, it leaves very little time for our altruistic desires. Except that’s not true! Because the good deeds we promote needn’t take more than a few seconds when perform on a kindness whim.


There seems to be some preconceived notion that in order to do good, we must sacrifice some of our precious ‘me’ time. But that’s not what More Good Deeds is all about. Ok, those grand gestures such as funding the building of a school or donating thousands of pairs of shoes to a charity are incredible and good and of course we’d never discourage this. But the world doesn’t need to be filled with extravagance to be good or meaningful. In fact, it’s those little acts of kindness which make the impact in people’s lives on a day to day basis.


When it comes to spreading a little kindness in your own community, there is no need to carve out time in your life to do some token good deeds which will brighten the days of those around you. For example:

·             See a woman struggling to cross the road? Help them out.

·             Lining up for a coffee in your local (independent) café? Pay for an extra one for the person behind you.

·             Spot an abandoned set of keys? Hand them in at the nearest local business so their owner can find them.

·             Overcrowded bus? Give up your seat for someone who needs it more than you.

·             The person in front of you is short of money at the cash register? Offer to top up the difference.

·             Notice someone sitting alone in the park at lunch time? Sit beside them and eat your sandwich with company and conversation.

·             A piece of rubbish on the footpath? Pick it up.

·             An overloaded person struggling to open a door. Open and hold it for them.

·             See someone battling to drag their child’s stroller up or down some stairs? Lend them a hand.


There really are no rules when it comes to performing good deeds. If you think it will make someone’s life a little easier or their day a little better, it’s worth doing. Each of us has the power to be a ray of sunshine in someone’s life every time we step out of our front door. It requires no more than an awareness of those around you and what you can do to inject some kindness into their day.


If you are looking to make a more significant time commitment when it comes to your good deeds, one of the most important aspects is to commit to your newfound altruistic endeavours. We recommend signing up to volunteer at your chosen organisation for a set period of time, on a specific day. This approach is beneficial in two ways: firstly, you become someone your organisation or charity can rely on. Even if this is just one hour every couple of weeks when you appear to spend time with lonely individuals at nursery homes or an afternoon once a month coaching football for impoverished youths, the fact that it’s regular is important. Secondly, most people are more engaged and enthusiastic after they have signed up for something. Once you have committed your time, made a pledge to do something, you are more likely to stick to it purely because it is built into your schedule. Saturday mornings become the time you spend at the soup kitchen, Wednesday evenings become your time to help out at the homework club at an inner city school. Whatever you choose to do, signing up and building this time slot into your week (or month, or even year) increases the likelihood that your altruistic nature will persevere.


Go, do, experience. More Good Deeds.