Five ways technology can be used to help people

Technology developments

Technology has changed our lives with continuous advancement in this field. The life expectancy has increased with the development of new medicines and high-tech equipment used in hospitals to tackle all kinds of diseases. With the invention of new technologies, the standards of living have also increased by leaps and bounds. It has aided the people with disabilities in living a normal life. The goal of technological development is to help humans in every possible aspect of life. The use of these tech-devices can be optimised to yield a better outcome that can help others. Some of these optimisations are:

  • A voice for mute people:

Tablets and smartphones can be used by people who can’t talk to communicate. As these people use sign language and it is difficult for them to communicate with people who don’t understand it, this speech control system can help to share their ideas more easily. Phones and tablets already provide an option to read back your text loudly, so it would be much easier by simply making an app control this feature. And since many smartphones these days have high definition cameras and sensors, motion detection can also be used to convert sign language into spoken language.

  • Feasible source of corresponding for blind people:

Most smartphones and tablets these days have a talk back option which has taken into consideration the problems faced by blind people. The feature allows the entire content of the screen to be read out loud by the phone to assist blinds in using this technology. There is also a voice control option which allows the user to control the actions on his phone entirely by means of speaking. This is the most feasible option to remove the handicap for these people.

  • Health tracking devices:

Many smartphones and watches provide this option by continuously tracking the blood pressure, heart beat and blood oxygen level for people in order to be aware of their health conditions. Some of these devices offer services of uploading data over the internet for doctors to keep track of their patients’ health. Google also introduced a device, a smart eye lens, which can check a person’s blood glucose without having to take do lengthy blood tests or taking blood samples. This can help track a patient’s blood sugar with ease.

  • Device to save deaf people from accidents:

An obstacle detector device has been invented that can be worn by deaf people while, for example, crossing the street. The device will be able to detect if a car is coming that might hit the deaf person since he can’t hear the car or the horn, thereby saving his life.

  • Keeping your children safe:

Smart watches and GPS watches are now being used a lot, especially by children. With the help of these watches, the parents can easily track their children’s whereabouts through their smartphones. It can help keep the threats of kidnapping to a minimum and keeps parents assured of their children’s safety.