Plant a Tree - It Is A Lifetime Donation You can Make to Planet Earth

Planting Trees

With excessive advancements in the field of technology and making our lives as comfortable and as luxurious as possible, we have forgotten our duties towards our mother planet. Earth is like us. When there’s a lot going on in our body that isn't good for our health, we need some way to detox to regain our health. In the same way, Earth also needs to detox itself and make it healthy again. The only key to this detoxification is through trees. But unfortunately, we humans have taken that capacity away by cutting down tree after tree without replantation. If this goes on, we won’t be able to save our planet. Trees are the most vital part of the Earth. Let us have a look at some of the reasons as to why trees are important for our planet:

Source of Oxygen:

As we all know, trees produce oxygen that is essential for all living organisms to survive.

Fights against climate change:

The major cause for climate change is the excessive amount of CO2 emitted daily. Trees absorb the CO2 as it is part of its mechanism and helps reduce the climate change as much as possible.

Provide clean air to breathe:

Trees absorb the toxic gases emitted throughout the day from factories and vehicles to provide us with clean air to breathe.

Preserve water:

The atmospheric moisture increases with the increase in the number of trees planted around an area and thus, less water is required there. Trees ultimately lead to the preservation of water.

Reduce the use of power:

Trees help to keep the atmosphere normal and prevent excessive heat or cold. Thus, with more trees in the area, the power consumption of a house decreases with the less use of AC or heater, ultimately leading to a reduction of pollution caused by power plants.

Reduce water pollution:

During heavy rainfall and storm, the substantial amount of water tends to move towards the ocean taking all types of pollutants and thus, polluting it. Trees absorb the rain water and direct it underground, leading to the formation of water preserves that are naturally filtered and are safe from pollutants.

Reduce the chances of soil erosion:

When rain water or water from any source is accumulated at a place for a long time, it causes soil erosion. Trees help counteract against soil erosion as they absorb the water and their roots send it deep underground. Their roots also act as anchor systems for vulnerable areas.

Source of food:

Trees are an essential source of food as many fruits grow on trees. These fruits are a source of nutrition for humans as well as animals. The leaves and the insects of the tree are also food for other animals and birds.

Reduce UV exposure:

Trees reduce the exposure from UV rays by 50% and consequently protect the people around the area by reducing the chance of UV to affect their skins. UV rays lead to skin cancer, thus it is important to be protected from them.

Trees also provide us with wood, serve as a home for many animals, and reduce chances of landslides. Thus, they are significant for our planet's existence and for our own. So, we should all plant trees and care for them to give back to our Mother Earth.