Anxiety Is Real And Here Is How You Can Help Your Friend Fight It!


It is difficult to explain what anxiety is and even more difficult to indicate whether someone has it or not. By the time you identify that someone around you, or someone you love suffers from anxiety, things may become worse. It is not a medical condition or disease that you can cure with a pill. Mental health is difficult to understand. When someone around you suffers from anxiety every day, you don’t really know how to make them feel any better. But here is the deal; a little bit of patience and empathy can do wonders!

The more time passes without proper help, the chance to anxiety turning into other mental conditions increase. These include all kinds of depression as well.

But here is the question. Is it curable? Yes, it definitely is. Is medication the only solution? No, your empathy and medication both have an equally positive effect on the person having anxiety problems.

Here is how you can help a friend who drowning in the ocean of anxiety:

  • Being Open And Understanding Is The Key:

No one ever with a mental condition, like anxiety or depression, readily agrees to discuss their problem. Some of them do not even want to confront or accept the fact that anxiety exists within them. So, you need to be patient and considerate. You need to make sure you offer to listen at all times. But in a way, that is in not annoying, shaming or discouraging to the person. You might be turned down several times but do not lose hope and try a different way to initiate the discussion every time. They need you and your help.

  • Suggest Them A Calming Way:

Anxiety runs down the nerves and everything around you starts shaking. Hence, when someone around you is suffering from anxiety suggest them to try out things that might calm down their nerves. This can include; exercise, meditation, breathing, yoga and a lot more.

  • Seeking Professional Help:

Advice and support from a therapist or psychiatrist can really help. They are expert professionals and have experienced thousands of similar cases and know how to help each of them out in a customised way. If the sufferers are reluctant to seek help, do not force them. Instead, convince them that there is no shame in it. They can even seek help from various online consultants too where their identity remains anonymous.

  • Celebrate Them:

Happiness is the best therapy. It even cures physical diseases and aches. It surely helps in creating peace within mind. By celebrating, we mean that you can take them out to beaches, celebrate their important dates like birthday or anniversary, celebrate small milestones like, clearing a semester course or redecorating their room.

  • Boost Their Self-Confidence:

Lack of self-confidence is the root of anxiety. Help them in restoring their confidence within themselves. Tell them how beautiful they look, that you love this particular thing they do, that you are proud of how intelligent or creative they are. Tell them you appreciate what they do for you a lot more.

With empathy and help, so much can be cured. Anxiety and depression are not characters. They are real problems and hence, should be solved. Your touch of care and affection can make your loved ones with anxiety recover from of this painful condition.