Top 5 Tips For A Happy Life


Everyone wants to be happy, right? But it is easier said than done to conduct your life in a way that improves your happiness. So much of what we do every day revolves around responsibilities of families and jobs that few of us actually have the time to put aside and consider what we need or desire to make us happy. But carving out time to do exactly that is really important. Here are our top five happy tips for living a happy life.

Build positive, meaningful relationships

So many studies have identified relationships as the one feature of people’s lives which have an unparalleled impact on not only our happiness levels but also our health. We are naturally social beings and therefore we gain pleasure through forming attachments to other people. Whether these are familial bonds, romantic relationships or friendships, they all improve our happiness levels. Importantly, these relationships are significant when it comes to unhappy times in our lives. No matter how many friends you have, there are going to be sad or difficult moments in your life such as the death of a parent or loved one, the loss of a job or financial problems. People who have a strong, trustworthy and supportive network of people around them during times like this usually deal with these struggles more easily and can return to their happier selves more quickly than those who are forced to navigate the turbulent waters of life alone.

Take regular exercise

Not only does keeping fit improve your health (a major source of worry, concern and unhappiness when we are suffering) but exercise reduces stress, depression and anxiety levels. Exercise reduces the cortisol hormone in our bodies which is linked to stress. It also produces endorphins; chemicals in our brain which boost mood. Incidentally, exercising outside is better than going to a gym because humans also enjoy feeling connected to the natural world around them. Running in a park, therefore, is better (and easier) than running around the block in densely populated city.

Identify what is making you unhappy and remove it from your life

This may be a bad relationship, a job you hate or something else which is causing you to feel down. It may be easier said than done but cutting this negativity out of your life is a sure-fire way to boost your own happiness levels. Perhaps these are luxury statements many people can’t afford to abide by but ‘life is too short’ or in the words of Justin Bieber ‘you only live once’. We all have a set length of time on this planet; why spend it doing something you don’t get any pleasure from? Of course, there are some aspects of our lives we are obliged to do and their removal is impossible. But where you do have control and the flexibility, try to minimise your time spent doing something which impacts your happiness negatively and replace these activities with something which makes you happy.

Think positive

If something good happens, relish the moment. Remember what it was like to be a child and not have a care in the world other than playing with your friends? Adults lose that ability as they become wrapped up in all of the problems they perceive to litter their lives. Too many of us take a ‘glass half empty’ view of the world which prevents us from truly experiencing joy when something good happens. It doesn’t have to be much. I remember being overwhelmed with happiness when one of my students finally blended to word ‘cat’ together after weeks of struggling. That moment made my entire week because I understood the significance of that achievement for one particular student. The rest of the class were reading entire books at that stage but for this single kid, the blending of three letters was a momentous success. Today, finding positivity in everyday events helps us to remember that the world is fundamentally a good place unlike the doom and gloom we are subjected to on the nightly news.

Be charitable

I would have made this number one but it seemed too pushy. Several studies have shown that people derive happiness not from having lots of money but from what they spend it on. People who donate money to charities feel better about the use of this money than people who go on a mega shopping spree. This goes for volunteering your time for charitable endeavours which makes people happier for a longer period of time than, for example, going to the cinema with friends. And then there are those random acts of kindness we promote at More Good Deeds. Doing something nice for someone, even a stranger, gives you a feeling of happiness. It also makes the person you helped happy and more likely to do something kind for someone else. Happiness and charitable acts are contagious and here at More Good Deeds we’re trying to spread them like the plague – in a good way. If you do something charitable, post in our app to inspire others and we’ll donate $1 to your chosen charity. You’ll receive double the dose of happiness so it’s a win-win.

Go. Do. Experience. More Good Deeds.