Wrap A Blanket Around Someone This Winter

Homeless Man

Winters are here to last. The season is dry, rough and shivering. At night, all we want to do is to curl up in our comfy beds, wrap our warm quilts around and sleep. Or when we are sitting in the living room, we wear the warmest of our clothes, sit in front of the fire and enjoy sipping our cup of black coffee. When we step outside we put on our best and warmest coats, lace-up our leather boots and protect our heads from the cold with woolen wear. While winters annoy most of us, some people also enjoy the coziness it brings with it. However, for some people, it is only troublesome. These are the homeless people around us who cannot afford to cover their bodies with warm clothes. Hence, they become victims of this ruthless wind and weather. While we love seeing the snow pouring down on our land from our balconies, a lot of them suffer from snow strokes during the snowfall.

So, let’s protect them with what we can. Let’s save people getting cold. Let’s wrap a blanket around someone’s shoulders. Here are a few things that can help you in contributing towards saving people from this weather:

  • Donate extra blankets and quilts:

All of us have at least a couple of extra blankets at our place that we do not bother using. So, here is the fact; blankets deteriorate over time, even if you don’t use them. So, why not share it with people around you? Find people who are in need of them and donate those extra blanket and quilts.

  • Give away coffee:

We all love sipping coffee during winters. Not only because it keeps our eyes open at work, but also because it naturally keeps the body warm from inside. Hence, it gives us a super pleasing feel in winters. Make a habit of donating coffee to people around you who cannot afford it.

  • Donate your extra clothes:

We all have an extra pair of socks and gloves, a couple of extra coats or jackets and a lot more. This winter, instead of letting them just leaving them in your closet, take them out and donate them.

  • Take things a step forward:

If it is within your capacity try to arrange a donation drive of winter requirements in your neighbourhood, go for it. Ask your friends and neighbours to donate anything that can be of help. Request people to volunteer with you. This way you can help a great number of people and cater to their different needs. You can also prepare winter packages and bundles and donate them to needy households.