The Difference Between A Bought And A Handmade Gift

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Gifts are an expression of our love, care and gratitude for a person special to us. Whether it’s a birthday, a national holiday or a holy festival, gifts always bring smiles and happiness. However, the choice of gift for a person depends on the value that person holds in our hearts.

What if we are just grabbing a random purchase from the gift shelf of the store? Is it the gift of love and care? No, that’s more of a formality than a token of love. But when we spend days pondering over what should we buy, what they like, what is their choice of perfume, what size garments they wears, which is their favourite chocolate, etc.,  it is apparent that we care what they think and how our gift will be received.

A Gift Is More Than Just Hundreds Of Dollars Spent!

However, the fact that sometimes we forget is, that even spending a handsome amount of money on a bath and body shop gift hamper for our mom or a D&G perfume for our Dad, will not express to them to the extent we care, unless we put some thought in the gift too. A readymade gift can never match the value and delicacy of a handmade gift that can touch our loved ones far deeper. It does not mean a box of chocolates or Tiffany’s bracelet will not make your wife swoon, but if you make a collage of all your memories spent with her, it will make her adore you to the next level!

A Gift Touches the Heart!

A gift doesn't have to last forever. Even a delicious dish of pasta or sweet smelling cupcakes cooked by you have the power to make your mother smile on mother’s day rather than some random perfume. She might use the perfume but those memories of you cooking and setting half the kitchen on fire, just for the sake of hers, will never fade from her memory. And what’s better than snuggling with your dad on his birthday and waking him up with a plate of his favourite eggs and pancakes?

Investing Time Is More Important Than Investing Money!

If a person has sacrificed a lot for you, invested time and money on you, it is better to think from the heart rather than brain when it comes to their gifts.

Making a small cute shopping bag with some jute, glue and buttons with a colourful big birthday card will always make it memorable for your sister when she will think back on her childhood. She will value it more and it will always remind her how much her sibling loves her!

So, no matter how attractive those accessories on the shelves are or how beautifully the dress fit, you can always gift them along with something made by you too. It can be card, a scrapbook, a collage, a cake, or anything as long as it shows how much thought and efforts you have put into make their gift special. Remember, there is nothing better than be the reason of someone’s smile!

Do your part and add more smiles to the world , every day!