5 Heart-warming Good News Stories

The world isn’t all doom and gloom. Although our television and newspaper headlines may be packed full of morbid, depressing and scary news which makes us question if there are any good people left on the planet, I’m here to tell you there are! As the mainstream media shrouds us in despair, there has been an increasing rise of ‘good news’ websites and publications seeking to spread a little happiness into people’s lives by reporting the positive stories so often ignored or given a 100-word article on page 24. Here are my favourite heart-warming good news stories from the last couple of months.

Woman rescued by her own donated ambulance

After winning a local raffle hosted by St. John’s Hospital, Warkworth in New Zealand, Beryl and Doug Good (aptly named) donated a $180,000 ambulance. Just three months after this act of generosity, Beryl fell on her front porch and broke her radius. The ambulance that arrived to take her to hospital was her very own vehicle, named Dobegoo. Impressively, in the three months of service the ambulance had already driven 32,000 kilometres, with Beryl being just one of the many grateful residents to whom it had come to the rescue. It just goes to show that good deeds really are worth performing!

Tinder could save the White Rhino

Yes, you read that right. The popular ‘dating’ app has partnered with Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya where the last male white northern rhino in the world, Sudan, lives. After failing to mate with the two remaining females of his species, the conservancy are pinning their hopes on the rather expensive in vitro fertilization method. Tinder users can find Sudan on their app and donate to the cause. This is just one of the ways in which popular apps and businesses can use their wide reach to make a real, selfless difference in the world. Of course, if you’re not looking for ‘love’ (and I’m using the word very loosely here) you can donate on the GoFundMe page as well.

Strangers save a man from suicide

On a bridge near Golders Green, London, a man was saved by a number of members of the public who clung to him after he climbed over the railings in an attempt to jump to his death. It took over two hours for the police to arrive and by the time they did the man had been secured to the bridge with rope and had people’s arms wrapped around him, refusing to allow him to end his own life. The fire engine which lowered him to safety then handed the man over to the ambulance service who escorted him to a hospital where he received mental health treatment. For free, might I add because the UK has the NHS and places more value on people’s health and well-being than they do on profit margins …

A Grandpa built a theme park for his granddaughter

After finding out his daughter was pregnant, Jimmy White of Texas decided to build the ultimate gift for his future grandchild. He turned his backyard into an amusement park, complete with a rollercoaster, mini Ferris wheel and a revolving swing set! Built entirely by hand out of scrap materials by this dedicated Grandpa, his granddaughter Sophia is now old enough to enjoy this wonderful creation and doesn’t even have to pay the extortionate Disneyland admission fees. Sophia, 3 years old, comes to his house almost every day to play on her own personal theme park and Jimmy plans to build more attractions as his granddaughter grows.

Man offers home to bereaved pets

It is a sad fact that dogs and cats don’t live as long as humans and most of us will have to deal with the passing of a pet (or many) during our lives. However, parrots and other birds can outlive us and when their devoted owners pass away, these life-long pets often have nowhere to go. Ken Banks, of Queensland, Australia, has set up a retirement home for parrots and birds who have lost owners. He currently cares for 1,400 birds, many of whom are over 90 years old. Some of his charges are rehomed in loving families while others stay with him for the rest of their own days.

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