Tell Someone Today, Why They Are Special To You

Someone special

In this fast-paced world, where nobody has time for each other, let’s spread some positivity and love.

How would you feel if you do so much for someone and that person doesn’t say anything positive to you for all your good deeds? I am sure it will be hard for you to continue doing kind gestures for such a person. Therefore, it is important to make your loved ones feel special. 

Every human being wants to hear at least once that they have some space in your life; they want to know that your life is affected by them in a good way; they want to hear that you miss them when they are not around. They feel special by knowing their worth. Being loved and cared is a universal need.

It is not necessary that only one person is special for you; you should acknowledge every person who does even slightest bit good for you. 

I have domestic help for my house, every day when my housekeeper comes, I make sure to greet her with a smile and once she is done with work I praise her by commenting on her excellent work. Though I pay her for all this, sometimes words of gratitude matter more than money.
Make your loved ones feel special by listening to what they want to talk about. They should feel that there is someone who will listen to them, advise them and consider their problems genuine. By just listening them you will make them feel better.

The other day I met someone who was in severe depression only because he felt that nobody loved him. I heard him saying “There is nobody for me”. I was so shocked to hear this that I went up to him, smiled and said “You are special to me because you’re a human being”. After hearing this; a teardrop fell from his eyes and he smiled back.

Making someone feel better about themselves is the best thing we can do to someone. Therefore, we should do it more often. Every day, we should tell people how important they are, why they matter, what they mean to us, why we appreciate what they do and why they are special in a way no one else can be!