The World Out There Needs You!

Do good in the world

Nature has blessed each one of us alike. Every human being has been blessed with some or the other inborn quality. Some people are rich in terms of money while others in terms of talent. Either way, we can make a contribution to make the world a better place, not only for us but for everyone. A hand extended in the direction of helping others is what serves the purpose of being a human. Although there is nothing wrong in pursuing your own dreams, an intention to love and help others is what makes our life significant. Help others not simply with your soul, but rather with your hands, not simply with a word or feeling, but rather with the deed. To love is to lift. The world out there needs us. It needs us to realise our responsibility towards each other, it needs us to make each other feel loved, it needs us to make sure people around us do not sleep hungry while we have our stomachs stuffed.

With every passing day, our mother earth has its misfortunes multiplying. A great number of people around us are suffering a lack of food and clean water, limited employment opportunities, lack of education, political instability, lack of safety, environmental destructions and a lot more.

Millions of people are living below the poverty line. These people do not even know if they will have enough to feed themselves or their families for the day or not. Here are the three basic things that are easily in your capacity to give and contribute for making this world a better place to live for everyone:

Feed a poor person
Even if you can’t afford to feed a whole lot of people or can’t imagine eradicating poverty from the world, you can at least do what is in your capacity. Almost every working individual can afford to feed one individual on a daily basis. Find someone around you whole sleeps hungry every day and fulfill your social responsibility. These people are not asking you to treat them with a lavish dinner but even the simplest of the foods can lift their spirit.

Donate your knowledge and skills
Share what you know. One of the least demanding approaches to help other people is to just share your skills or knowledge. You don't need to be there in a classroom to instruct. There is always a chance to teach somebody about your skill-set. The key is to continue instructing yourself so that you can teach others as well and help them earning a livelihood on their own.

Volunteer your time
Time is important and we all understand that. When you take out time from your hectic daily routine to help a pal, they remember that for a lifetime. Donating your time to help someone is as equally valuable as money. Hence, every day or at least every week, take out some time and help someone who needs you.

There are so many ways in which you can donate your time to someone, to help them do a task they can't perform on their own, to listen to them and make them feel better, to participate in volunteer tasks organized for the underprivileged, etc.

Be kind, since life isn't simple for anybody. Today, we might be the ones standing tall and doing the hard work. Who knows, tomorrow, we might be the ones who require the lift — and those we once lifted will lift us.