What it really means to be Human

Human evolution

Humans were originally called “naked apes” but today almost all of us wear clothes. This transformation from apes to civilised and modern humans of this century is only due to the critical functioning of the human mind. The ability to think and perceive is what makes us humans. It is our consciousness that sets us apart from rest of the creatures present on the face of this planet. The human brain processes everything they sense way more efficiently than any other species around us. But what really makes us humans mentally?

All the humans are gifted with the capability to think and act rationally. To be human is to put your mind to work in one direction or other. But to really discover who you are requires assessment of many attributes within us. To find who we are, we must first find the relationship between our mind and our heart. Our mind helps us is growing, understanding, sensing, learning and working. The abilities and factors that define each of us differently in terms of what makes us human mentally are:


The ability to think

‘Thinking’ is the central role of our mind. Everything we do is based on this attribute of our mind. Thinking permits us to execute the process and remember. Hence, to be human is to think reasonably. Think ignites sensibility in all of us. At the point when people completely practice their sensibility, they will have the capacity to represent themselves. To craft our thinking in the right way is what makes us better human. Positive thinking is essential to lead a contented and constructive life. A mind that thinks positively makes us and everything around us progressive.


The ability to be rational

Much of what we do in a regular day to day existence includes a procedure—a progression of actions, repeatable steps that can be performed to finish a coveted objective. This is called rational thinking. Rational thinking is based on an input and output session, where the mind receives something from our senses as input, processes it and delivers the output. Our mind comes up with different strategies and solutions for different problems. Also, different minds fabricate different solutions for same inputs. To be a kind human, we must always think of rational yet proficient solutions.


The ability to be innovative

According to the Oxford dictionary, innovation means, “Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.” Innovation is turning ideas into a reality that add value to your life as well as to the life of others. Naturally, every human mind is innovative but what most of us lack is the direction in which we are capable of innovating.


The ability to be Imaginative

Imagination is an integral part of our minds. It opens doors of enormous possibilities. Imaginative ability is the capacity to frame a mental picture of something that is not received by the mind through the five senses. It is the capacity of the brain to assemble mental scenes, items or occasions that don't exist, are absent, or have occurred previously.

Everybody has a specific level of imaginative ability. The creative energy shows in different degrees in different individuals. In few people, it is highly created, while in others, it shows in a weaker frame. However, a positive imagination serves as a base for a positive thinking, innovation and eventually, a positive life!