Kindness Makes You Happy And Content - Here’s Why!

Jumping for Joy

Some people in every society struggle with day to day life. Many are deprived of education, food or even basic human rights! It is distressing to have that variation within a community people. On one hand, a person can’t afford a meal for the day while on other hand, there is another person wasting tons of food in the name of lavish gatherings! And the worst thing is, these people don’t even try to fill the gap of disparity by helping poor! 

By helping others, you get inner satisfaction and contentment. Did you ever help anyone and come home feeling happy at heart? I bet you must have had! It is the most satisfying feeling of all. We’re all human, after all. We are equal and we should treat everyone with love, care, and kindness.

Even science has proved it! An act of kindness has a long and reflective effect on our happiness. Strong relationships have a very healthy effect on our lives. If we have strong relationships with people, we are likely to offer them our help, love, and care. These acts of kindness are one of those paradoxes where we become happier ourselves by making other people happy!

Here is how that happens:

Happiness and Positive Emotions
We develop the feelings of happiness when we give or receive something we have always wanted. For instance, you feel happy after donating to your favorite organization, or after winning a lottery, etc. Happiness means healthiness. It brings positive emotions to one’s life, eliminating all the negativity.

Better Relations with Others
When we are being kind to someone, (a friend or a stranger) we are actually conveying them the thought that they are important to us and that their life matters. This not only makes us happy but also gives them a sense of contentment. This ultimately leads us to better relationships with them overall. They, in turn, also should try to give you back the same response.

Better Physical and Mental Health
Feelings of kindness and love make us happy. And a happy life is a healthy life. It improves our cardiovascular profile, strengthens our immune system and reduces our pains. It also boosts our energy level.

Elimination of Negative Emotions
It is proved that kindness can remove one’s negative emotions and replace them with positivity. It lowers feelings of depression and loneliness.

Every act of kindness might seem very small, but these little efforts are what change people’s perspective about you and about life. Even you start feeling better about yourself. Things like these do make a difference in making the world a better place. We turn into a better person and people notice that. So, be kind and be happy!