10 Acts of Kindness

Be a ray of sunshine

The world we live in today is a place where everyone is either busy with themselves or their work. Nobody even has time to look around for their families, let alone strangers! But the good thing is that there are some people who pity this state of mankind. Such are the people who care about the society and their surroundings. These people are always doing something good because they think that one person can make a difference and bring about a positive change in the society.

They have a very positive approach towards life and try to make others happy with their lives too. So, here are some random acts of kindness you can try to do today to bring a smile on someone’s face:

1. Hold an umbrella over a stranger

Whether it is rain, or sun rays, hold an umbrella over a stranger and make them feel cared for. This little act of kindness will not only help them but will also restore their faith in humanity.

2. Save an animal on the street

You can give shelter to a homeless animal on the street or give it to an animal shelter where they can be properly looked after, fed, cleaned and fostered.

3. Share something with a positive outlook on social media

Everyone uses social media nowadays. You can share something nice and positive on any or all social platforms that has an impact on the people or influences their mindset to do something good for the benefit of other people.

4. Donate food

You can donate food to the food bank or give away food to the needy on the street. 

5. Help a stranger

Help out a stranger if you see they need it. For example, if you see old or pregnant women carrying a lot of bags, help her to carry those items to her destination or offer her a ride.

6. Donate to a non-profit

Make a reasonable donation to a non-profit organisation. Also let them know that they are doing a great job.

7. Leave sticky notes

Write sweet and inspirational stuff on a sticky note and leave it at random places for random people to read. It will surely make their day a happy one.

8. Say thank you

If someone does something kind for you, even if it's just holding the door open, make sure you thank them and acknowledge their kindness.

9. Be kind to your servers

When you go to a restaurant or coffee house today, make sure you treat the waiter/server nicely. You can do that by appreciating their services, saying thank you or giving them a generous tip.

10. Offer your services

If you own a business or are good at a particular job, you can offer your services to someone for free for just a day. You can also volunteer in an NGO or a non-profit organization.


You can win the hearts of many and put smiles on numerous faces just by doing these small deeds of goodness. And always remember; kindness never goes unrewarded!