Success and Happiness – Do they mean the same?

Success and Happiness

Happiness is often considered synonymous to wealth, position, accomplishment, fame and prosperity. In other words; success. However, the definition of happiness is different for different people. If you ask one hundred people about their perspective on happiness, each one of them will have a different answer but few would be able to really explain it. Yes, real happiness is beyond all these materialistic things. Real happiness is about more than outward successes. If you are happy from the core of your heart, you are successful.

Tangible accomplishments are important and have their own space in life, yet they cannot bring you personal contentment. While there is nothing wrong in aspiring to wealth, status and fame in life, it is wrong to believe that these materialistic things pave the way to happiness and fulfilment. 

People often say, “I will be happy if I get that” or “I will be happy when I have this”. Why is it that we don’t believe in being happy irrespective of what we achieve or what we get? Isn’t being happy all about how we as an individual feel? Isn’t happiness about loving someone and being loved? Think about how someone as small as a baby can bring happiness to your heart and smile to your face!

Success is all about being happy and spreading happiness. If you are able to spread happiness to your surroundings, to the people around you, ‘You are Successful’! Spread happiness today and be successful!

Wishing you all the Success & Happiness!