Top 5 Reasons to do Good Deeds Always

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Goodness is never a failure. It pays you back equally, if not, more!  Good deeds bring in fortune, happiness and love. In this self-centered and selfish world, goodness is the only thing that helps elevate basic humanity.

Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons why you should always do good deeds:

5. Goodness is the basic moral duty of mankind:
Serve mankind, be helpful and good to others, spread love and care for each other. Do good deeds and the results are bound to be good too. Goodness is one of those few things in life that comes for free.

4. It is a tribute to our upbringing:
Your deeds define the kind of person you are. Right from our childhood, we are taught to be empathetic, kind, loving and caring towards others. If you are spreading goodness, it is sort of giving tribute to your parents for bringing you up with good moral values. Your every action is scrutinised from the perspective of your upbringing. It is up to you whether bring praise or criticism for it!

3. Self-Growth:
Goodness brings self-growth to you as a person. You become more empathetic, sensitive and emotional to others. When you do good to others, you feel pride and happiness from within and your soul and heart grows positively. Growing as an individual with more human values and worth leads to your self-growth.

2. Meaningfulness:
Goodness is the best way to add meaning to life. It is a very simple yet very effective motive that we can live for. Follow right path, never harm anyone intentionally, respect and love everyone. Give your life the meaningful direction you have been looking for!

1. Happiness:
Being happy is the most crucial thing for every human being. It is a term that is always associated with positivity. When you do good deeds, they guarantee you happiness. At times you might not get that instantly but sooner or later, you will definitely get it. Goodness pays back. Thus, do good, get good and live happily.