Kindness Costs Nothing

Free Kindness

The title of this blog may be one of the most clichéd expressions in the world but, in my opinion, it’s true. Ok, there are some kind acts which do require material wealth but there are countless others which don’t. Here at More Good Deeds, for the most part we are promoting these ‘free’ acts of kindness, encouraging people to do simple, small things for one another rather than grand, elaborate gestures. After all, we can’t all afford to do the latter. But everyone can afford to be kind. It costs nothing, remember? I’ve listed as many free acts of kindness I could think of. And don’t forget to log your activities on the More Good Deeds app and connect with other do-gooders around the world. Here’s 100 free good deed ideas to make you feel inspired.

  1. Give up your seat to someone on the bus
  2. Help a friend/younger sibling with their homework
  3. Offer a lift to someone trying to thumb a ride
  4. Help someone who is struggling to cross a busy road
  5. Let the person behind you at the till with just a sandwich go ahead of you and your weekly shop
  6. Hand over your half-used car parking ticket to a driver pulling in
  7. Collect shampoo/conditioner/soap/toothbrushes from hotels and donate them to homeless people or shelters
  8. Offer to babysit for a friend or neighbour to give them the night off
  9. Apologise to a friend/family member with whom you’ve had a disagreement
  10. Hold the door open for people whose hands are full, disabled people and children … and anyone, actually
  11. Volunteer once a week for a charity
  12. Recycle
  13. Take out your neighbour’s bins if they forget to do it themselves
  14. Offer to take a photo of tourists struggling with the concept of a selfie
  15. Introduce two of your friends who could benefit from the connection
  16. Tell someone you love them (and mean it)
  17. Go and get lunch for someone who’s on crutches
  18. Be there for someone who is being bullied – let them know they can trust and rely on you
  19. Help a single parent carry their stroller up or down some steps
  20. Say thank you to someone who has done something for you (teacher, colleague, friend)
  21. Donate old clothes, books and/or toys to a charity shop
  22. Drive courteously
  23. Listen to a friend who needs to vent/is asking for advice
  24. Leave a note on a public mirror promoting positive body image (e.g. “you look beautiful” or “nice hair!”)
  25. Sign up as an organ donor
  26. Leave unwanted supermarket coupons next to the products on the shelves
  27. Learn CPR – you never know when you might need it
  28. Set up a Just Giving page for a charity you support
  29. Spend time with a friend who’s just gone through a bad break-up or lost someone close to them
  30. Share your umbrella
  31. Phone an elderly relative who lives alone
  32. Fix a neighbour’s television or computer
  33. Arrange a sponsored event to raise money for a charity
  34. Help find/catch an escaped pet
  35. If you see someone who looks lost, offer to help them with directions
  36. Show your mum, dad, grandma, granddad or other family member how to use the Internet/Facebook/emails/some form of technology
  37. Donate old glasses to charities
  38. Stop to help someone whose car has broken down on the side of the road
  39. Learn the names of everyone at work
  40. Introduce yourself to your neighbours
  41. Wash up all the cups in the sink in the staff room
  42. Sign up to be a mentor for students at a local school
  43. Notify a local homeless shelter if you see someone sleeping rough
  44. Sign positive petitions
  45. Be calm and patient with people who are stressed or having a difficult day
  46. Clean all the communal areas in your shared apartment/house
  47. Move debris or hazards out of the road
  48. Grow your own vegetables and donate surplus supplies to food banks
  49. Be kind to the planet – turn off lights, used both sides of a piece of paper, unplug electronics when not in use, don’t run the water when you’re brushing your teeth
  50. Give your recycled cans and tins to someone who can sell them for money
  51. Help an animal in distress
  52. Donate the ‘free’ half of the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deal you got suckered into to a homeless shelter or food bank
  53. Compliment someone
  54. Redirect gifts on your birthday or Christmas to causes you support
  55. Share overheard compliments – people love to hear positive things about themselves
  56. Donate blood
  57. Share links to your favourite non-profit or charity on social media or your own website
  58. Send that email/text you’ve been meaning to write to an old friend for months
  59. Have a car boot sale and give the money to charity
  60. Organise a litter pick in your local area
  61. Take old magazines to your local doctor’s surgery
  62. Use a ‘click to give’ site
  63. Remember and mark memorial days
  64. Proofread a friend’s essay or CV for them
  65. Offer to stay late at work if you know your colleague has somewhere important to be
  66. Teach someone something
  67. Match-make (or friend-make) two people you think would be great together
  68. Leave a positive note on a colleague’s computer screen whilst they’re out at lunch
  69. Share a great book you’ve read and been inspired by with your friends and family
  70. Concede control of the television remote, even if you don’t want to watch the program your other half is interested in
  71. Hold the elevator if you see someone who’s hurrying towards the sliding doors
  72. Donate old electronics to schools or charities
  73. Recommend your friend’s business
  74. Invite your new colleague out at the weekend to help them meet the group
  75. Set up a website for someone who struggles with technology
  76. Give an inspirational speech at a school or university
  77. Decorate your house for the holidays – it will make people smile when they see it
  78. Leave positive comments on social media posts
  79. Donate your own sick days to someone who has suffered a loss or is very ill themselves
  80. Look after a neighbour’s pet when they go away
  81. Drive friends to the airport to save them money on car parking fees – they’ll probably do the same for you next time you go on holiday
  82. Send a postcard to a sick child in hospital
  83. Thank your teacher, or thank your kid’s teacher, for the work they’re doing
  84. Hide a happy, positive note inside a returned library book for the next reader to find
  85. Hand in lost items
  86. Help someone who’s struggling to use the petrol pump
  87. Offer to pick up groceries or supplies for a neighbour who struggles to move around easily – or take them with you and help
  88. Cut off your hair and donate it to a cancer charity like ‘Locks of Love’
  89. Adopt an abandoned animal
  90. Pick some flowers growing in your garden and take them to a local nursing home or hospital. You could even visit with some residents or patients whilst you’re there
  91. Share happy or inspirational news stories on social media to brighten people’s days
  92. Put out food for the birds/animals
  93. Help someone pick up things they’ve dropped on the pavement
  94. Plant a tree
  95. Become a bone marrow donor
  96. Make an effort with socially awkward or shy people
  97. Rake leaves/shovel snow from your neighbour’s drive if you’re doing your own
  98. Bring your dog to a nursing home (please make sure it’s well behaved and friendly … and allowed)
  99. Write down everything good you do each day – it’ll make you happier
  100. Smile at people – it’s contagious

So … how many of these did you do today?

Go, do, experience. More Good Deeds.