Easy ways to make someone smile

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing a wide smile on the face of people you love and knowing you are the reason behind it. But when we don’t know the other person it becomes harder to put that smile on their face. Also, when someone you love is depressed or upset, making them smile becomes more difficult. When it comes to humour you don’t want to come off as offensive knowing that they feel sensitive at the moment. So here are some easy ways that can for sure bring a smile on the face of most of the people in almost any situation.

1.     Crack a joke:
Because who doesn't like a joke? Just make sure you judge the type of humour the other person may enjoy and always make sure the joke is appropriate for your audience. 

2.     Compliment them:

Nothing feels better than hearing something good about yourself. When someone you love is upset, give them compliments they love hearing. Don't focus on looks, however. Rather than telling someone they look nice, compliment them on their personality or a skill. Society is already too obsessed with appearance and you should remind people they have other traits to be proud of. 

3.     Recall the good memories:
Maybe a funny incident that happened a while ago can bring the lost smile back to their face. Tell them how you miss those good old days. It can be an old memory from their school days to something very recent. Anything that may make them smile, remind them of it. Reliving a happy moment often make people forget about their current problem, at least for a while.

4.     Food:
Who doesn’t smile when they see a big cheeseburger right in front of them or any dish that they love? Try cooking something that they love eating and surprise them with it. Tell them how you missed eating it with them. It always makes people feel loved. 

5.     Tell them you are proud of them:
There is no better feeling than to feel that you made someone proud. That someone is happy to be associated with you, that someone looks up to you. Always remind people how you admire something about them and are really proud of it and make them smile. It also gives them a sense of self admiration and confidence. The satisfactory expression and smile on their face right when you tell them how proud you feel of them will make your and their day!

Shokhi Agarwal