5 things to do when you are on a travelling trip with a group

Travelling is on every person’s bucket list. People want to travel around and explore new places in the world, new cultures, and new forms of art. Often, we want to share these experiences with others. Travelling with a group of friends can either be really fun or really stressful. There are certain points to keep in mind when you are travelling with a group.

Plan Ahead

It is always important to plan the trip before, especially when travelling with a group. When all of you sit together and plan accordingly, you can cover opinions of every member of the group. This is an easy way to decide where to stay, where to go for outings, where to eat, what to eat, etc. Since every person on this planet differs from everyone else, it is impossible for all of the members to agree on one point at a time. There will be conflicts and arguments, which can create a problems while travelling. The best way to avoid that is to gather all of the members and discuss the plan with them, gather their opinions and find a common ground.


Whenever you are travelling with a group of friends, or even just sitting around with them, you need to be flexible. To get along with everyone around you, you need to accept something that you may not like.  When it comes to food or activities, remember you don't all have to go to the same places every day. Two smaller groups may work better than one large one. This way, your trip will only include happy memories and you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Communication is a very important part of lives, whether attending a meeting, party or something as simple as a group of friends. It is very important to convey your thoughts to the people whom it might affect. If your group is deciding to do something without asking you or considering your opinion, you should talk to them. Politely convey your message about it (if you do not agree with them or even if you do). 

‘Me’ Time

This is a very important part of your travels when travelling with a group. When your schedule is packed with tremendous activities with your group members, there comes a time, when you need to be alone for a while. This can be time when you think of the significance of the trip for yourself, so you remember it the way you want. Not only you, but every member of the group requires some ‘me’ time. So, spare a few hours and enjoy the quiet, let the thoughts settle in, take in the aura around you, feel the surroundings. Sometimes, it is times like these, which lets you see your full potential or inspires you to try something different in life.

Shokhi Agarwal